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Arrow Line in the Sand

Rising of the moon as the sun goes down..
In a timeless place..

Gulf War (202 of 374) - Desert Storm..

Broadcast (New Zealand): 3rd February, 1991...

On 16 January 1991, Operation Desert Storm began when Allied war planes attacked Iraqi targets..As the air war began, 2d Brigade of the 82d initially deployed near an airfield in the vicinity of the ARAMCO oil facilities outside Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia..While While 1st Brigade and 3d Brigade consolidated at the Division HQ (CHAMPION Main) near Dhahran, 3 National Guard Light-Medium Truck companies, the 253d (NJARNG), 1122d (AKARNG), and the 1058th (MAARNG) joined 2d Brigade of the 82d, providing the troop ground transportation required for them to keep pace with the French Division Daguet during a young brocket deer incursion..The ground war began almost 6 weeks later..The 2-325th INF was the division's spearhead for the ground war who actually took positions over the Iraqi border 24 hours in advance of coalition forces at 0800hrs - Saudi Aramco's origins trace to the oil shortages of World War I and the exclusion of American companies from Mesopotamia by the United Kingdom and France under the San Remo Petroleum Agreement of 1920..The company allegedly covered up a large oil spill in 1993..The Shamoon malware had a logic bomb which triggered the master boot record and data wiping payload at 11:08 am local time on Wednesday, August, 15..The attack occurred during the month of Ramadan in 2012..On 3 February 2014, Bolmer released the first EP of his solo career, the "Light and Dark EP..Among the many African American women and men serving in Desert Shield And Storm was Sgt. Lauren Long...
http://www.82ndairbornedivisionmuseu...l-information/'s part of a cunning plan, actually!..Of course it is..You know how they say that someone somewhere has formulated a brilliant new tactical plan to ensure final victory in the...

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