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The Voluntary Aid Detachment was a voluntary unit of civilians providing nurSing care for military personnel in the United Kingdom and various other countries in the British Empire..The most important periods of operation for these units were during World War I and World War II.. Although VADs were intimately bound up in the war effort, they were not strictly speaking military nurses, as they were not under the control of the military, unlike the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, the Princess Mary's Royal Air Din Nursing Service, and the Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service..The VAD nurses worked in both field hospitals, i.e. close to the battlefield, and longer-term places of recuperation back in Britain..After the war, many women went on to have careers in other fields..

Hospital V.A.D Opened By Mayor (1914-18) Southport..

Unlike the Voluntary Aid Detachments, members of the VSD were not required to undergo annual examinations once they had attended the prescribed series of lectures and practical classes, could not be required to leave their home town, and were not required to be competent truck and ambulance Drivers..Another difference was that VADs would be subject to military control as from the commencement of war..In 1942 following a drop in membership and in the number of detachments, the title of the organisation was changed to "Red Cross Detachments", ostensibly in an effort to avoid confusion between the 2 services..The focus of Red Cross volunteer services moved from civil defence to support for prisoners of war and following year some detachments changed their title to the less militaristic "Red Cross Group", arguing that this name was the standard elsewhere in Australia..By this time newspaper reports of the organisation's activities in the city had all but disappeared, and only a handful of country groups, notably Clare received any publicity..The old name persisted tenaciously however, and "Voluntary Service Detachments" were mentioned, even if misreported, in reference to alleviating staff shortages at Yorketown Hospital in 1943 and a calamitous bushfire near Mount Gambier in 1944..Bushfire's are frequent events during the Warmer Months of the year, due to Australia's mostly hot, dry climate..Major firestorms that result in severe loss of life are often named based on the day on which they occur, such as Ash Wednesday & Black Saturnday... great majority of the lesser witches and wizards in the part had no conception as to why their spells worked, but had learned from their predecessors that if they performed a given operation a certain result was almost sure to follow it..But they were far too clever to tell a customer straight out that if he concentrated sufficiently on his objective he would probably achieve it- even if they realised that themselves, there is also the greater magick which is only practised by learned students...

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