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Lightbulb The Owls are not what they seem

27th Amour Division..

ITV TransMission date..

BBC Urdu - Sairbeen 25th March 2015..

Brittney Gargol, 18, was strangled to death by Cheyenne Rose Antoine, 21, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in March, 2015..Killer: Cheyenne Rose Antoine, 21, left, has been convicted of manslaughter thanks to the selfie of her with Brittney Gargol, 18, in which she wears the belt used to strangle Gargol - Michelle finds Steve up early poring over the Rovers paperwork and looking for a solution to his financial worries..Gail orders Bethany to get dressed as she's coming to work with her..Bethany asks Audrey if she can work in the salon instead of the Bistro, but Craig thinks it's a bad idea..Audrey finds out that Bethany has read Anna Karenina..Sharif and Kal both agree to take part in the auction..Faye asks Craig to steal the key to the flat from the Corner Shop..Eva and Jason and he could use the proceeds to pay off Steve’s tax bill..Faye distracts Sophie with a story of a lad stealing flowers from the front of the shop to give him time to do it..Steve and Michelle announce their engagement.. Audrey sings Bethany’s praises to Gail and explains she’s really unhappy in Milan..Champagne is passed out for the happy couple..Kevin agrees to be in the auction and tells Billy to put Tyrone down as well..Michelle admits to Liz she was shocked by Steve's timing - The teenager's body was found dumped by a road south of Saskatoon on 25 March 2015 with a belt discovered nearby..The province celebrated the 75th anniversary of its establishment in 1980, with Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, presiding over the official ceremonies = 27 to 52= 25...

Killer: Cheyenne Rose Antoine, Age 21, left, with 18 year old Brittney Gargol to the right..

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus..Some of the observances in October marked the close of the season for military campaigning and farming, which commenced in March (Martius,"Mars' month")..In the Imperial period, March was also a time for public celebration of syncretic or international deities whose cultus was spread throughout the empire, including Isis and Cybele..The tutelary deity of the month is Minerva, and the Sun was in Pisces..Farmers were instructed in this month to trellis Vines, to prune, and to sow spring wheat..Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic Warfare..She is often depicted with herr sacred creature, an owl usually named as the "Owl of Minerva", which symbolised her association with wisdom and knowledge as well as less frequently, the snake and the olive tree..In Fasti III, Ovid called her the Goddess of a thousand Works -The Seal of California depicts the Goddess Minerva - Minerva is the patron goddess of the Theta Delta Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternities, the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma and Delta Sigma Theta sororities - Kingston upon Hull's oldest Masonic lodge is named The Minerva Lodge - A statue of Minerva is displayed at Wells College outside of Main Building - Minerva alongside Mars is displayed on the cap badge of the Artists Rifles Territorial SAS Regiment of the British Army..

The BBC sacks Jeremy Clarkson, 1 of the 3 presenters for the TV Progrom Top Gear - Tornadoes hit the American city of Tulsa and the surrounding region of eastern Oklahoma leaving one person dead and several others injured - The Afghan National Army kills twenty-nine insurgents and injures 21 others in a series of operations in Daikundi, Ghazni, and Parwan provinces during the past 24 hours - Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi flees Ye-men in a boat after Houthi rebels besiege the government's temporary capital of Aden -The US Army charges US Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy..He is of Norwegian and Swedish ancestry - The Gulf Cooperation Council announces its intervention in Yemen & Saudi Arabia begins launching airstrikes against Houthi forces and installations - Major League Soccer announces that Twin Cities-based North American Soccer League franchise Minnesota United FC will become the league's 23rd franchise - A search and recovery operation resumes for the remains of the German Wings (21) flight that crashed into the French Alps on March 24..Robin said when the captain returned from a probable Toilet break and tried to enter the cockpit, Lubitz had locked the door - Zayn Malik (12 January 1993) leaves popular boyband One Direction..His father is British Pakistani, and his mother is English, and of part Irish descent - American companies Kraft Foods and H.J. Heinz announce merger plans to create a combined company..A photo of Gargol & Antoine - her best friend - had been posted to Facebook six Hour before the body was discovered..Antoine initially told police that the pair had been out drinking on the eve of Brittney Gargol's death but that she had gone home with an unknown man at the End of the Knight and did not know what had happened to her friend..She told to the court that the pair had gotten into an argument, but that she does not remember killing Gargol..In 2005, 25 years later, her sister, Queen Elizabeth II, attended the events held to mark Saskatchewan's centennial..The Italian word for Gargoyle (word for "Throat") is doccione or gronda sporgente, (but also gargolla o garguglia) an architecturally precise phrase which means "protruding Gutter..The philatelic use of the word gutter is the space left between Postage stamps..When not constructed as a waterspout and only serving an ornamental or Artistic function..1 of 4 GarGoyles atop the Peace Tower, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Their fee-faw-fum's an ancient plan - Once upon a time in a village in ancient India, there was a Little Goat and a Priest..I too was a high priest and Sacrificed Goats..From now on, I will be the Guardian and protector of everye Goat in the land... a light?..Mind if I sit down?..I think I might have one with you..I hope you don't mind, I gave him your address..He's coming out here and we're gonna go hunting from here..Hunting?..For what?..Whatever's in season..You keep a diary of the horror we created?..You did your part, I did mine..Keep your eyes open, my friend...

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