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Question Do you know where you are


Sein Joseph - Kampf und Sieg..

TBFB - We are not at home..

Otto Schulz-Kampfhenkel (27 August 1910 21 August 1989) was a German geographer, explorer, writer and film producer..At the age of 23 Schulz-Kampfhenkel made an expedition to Liberia..He described his experiences in the book Das Dschungel Rief... (The Jungle Called...). After finishing his geography studies he became the leader of a Amazon-Jari-Expedition (1935-1937), supported by both Brazilian and German governments and the Nazi party's Foreign Organization (NSDAP/AO).. Schulz-Kampfhenkel relates about this expedition in his book Ratsel der Urwaldhölle (Riddle(s) of the jungle hell) and produced an eponymous film, as well..In 1943 Schulz-Kampfhenkel got promoted to Special Commissioner of geographical questions in the Reichsforschungsrat after he had been lieutenant of Luftwaffe and SS-Untersturmführer..In 1933, Max Planck, as president of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellschaft, had met with Adolf Hitler..During the meeting, Planck told Hitler that forcing Jewish scientists to emigrate would mutilate Germany and the benefits of their work would go to foreign countries..Untersturmfuhrer was also occasionally an appointed position, given to an SS member so that they would be able to immediately begin as an officer in the organization - Liberia possesses about 40% percent of the remaining UpperGuinean rainforest..It was an important producer of rubber in the early 20th century..The Pepper Coast, also known as the Grain Coast, has been inhabited by indigenous peoples of Africa at least as far back as the 12th century..The Amazon River, usually abbreviated to The Amazon (Spanish and Portuguese: Amazonas), in South America is the largest river by discharge Volume of water in the world and according to most authorities, the second longest in length..The Jari River, or Jary River (Portuguese: Rio Jari), is a northern tributary of the Amazon River on the border between the states of Paraand Amapa in northeastern Brazil..It is in the most downstream regions of the Amazon Basin and borders the Guiana Highlands and the Guianas to the northwest..Jean..That you, sugar bumps?..

Fitzcarraldo (1982) Trailer HD..

When I'm calling you..Oo-oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo-oo..

Josef Greiner was born in Styria in 1886.. He moved to Vienna around 1908 and earned his living through various jobs, including as a sign painter, and as a lamplighter for a cabaret..He lived in the Meldemannstraße dormitory from January to April 1910; it was during this period that he first became acquainted with Adolf Hitler, who moved into the dormitory in February 1910 and stayed until 1913..He praised Hitler, calling him "Lord of Ostmark", a "genius", and a "messiah".. Greiner sent copies of this book to Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Goebbels, and Hermann ring, saying that the book could be mass distributed and used as part of Nazi propaganda;Greiner hoped that this would make him rich..He also touted himself as a successful businessman who would be an ideal choice to head the Reich Economics Ministry..Instead, Hitler ordered the publisher to pulp the book..In the Nazi Party files of the time, Greiner is referred to as an "extortionist" and Greiner's repeated attempts to join the Nazi Party, beginning in May 1938, were rejected..After World War II and the downfall of the Nazi regime, Greiner took advantage of his rejection by the Nazis to portray himself as a resistance fighter..He also claims that Hitler contracted syphilis from a Leopoldstadt prostitute, and that in 1945, Hitler did not commit suicide, but instead fled from Berlin in an airplane -Joseph is a masculine given name originating from Hebrew, recorded in the Hebrew Bible, Standard Hebrew Yossef, Tiberian Hebrew and Aramaic Yosepp..The name appears in the book of Genesis: Joseph is Jacob's 11th son and Rachel's first son, and known in the Jewish Bible as Yossef ben-Yaakov..The feminine form of the name, Josephine, is commonly abbreviated to Jo..It is especially common in contemporary Israel..You think I was born a whore?... you ever look out over a lake and think of somethin' buried underneath it?..Ladies and gentlemen, don't worry..This gentleman is harmless..He's just had a, a soul-stirring experience...

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