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Arrow From Hell

Well at least they got the address right..

Zainab Ansari..

Armand Amar Song of the Red Dervish Bab Aziz..

Zainab Ansari's body was found dumped on a rubbish heap in Kasur on Tuesday..The six-year-old girl disappeared on January 4 while on her way to a Koran class..Zainab was last seen alive in CCTV footage that day being led away by a man..Zainab was kidnapped on her way to a Koran recital while her parents were in Mecca on a religious pilgrimage..According to a police document obtained by the BBC, there have been 10 similar cases in Kasur since January last year..All six of those victims were young girls who went missing close to their homes and all of their remains were found in rubbish dumps or abandoned houses..They all lived within a 2 mile radius..A post-mortem examination revealed Zainab died of strangulation with local media reporting examiners found evidence of torture..Doctors said the young girl's hyoid bone had been fractured, which strongly suggests she had been strangled and sexually assaulted before her murder, the post-mortem found..Hyoid name is derived from Greek hyoeides, meaning shaped like the letter Upsilon..Dr Attique said it was the fourth case of its type she had seen in the Kasur region over the past se7en months..Only one of the children survived their ordeal..'The word sari described in Sanskrit which means 'strip of cloth' and in Pali, and which was corrupted to sari in modern Indian languages Attica (architecture) The attic (masculine name), is the Upper part which crowns a construction..

1 Giant Leap (2002) - The Way You Dream ..

Speaking at Islamabad airport as he arrived back in the country, Mr Ansari said, as his wife sobbed: 'We will not bury Zainab until the killer is caught..Mr Ansari accused the police of being slow to respond after his daughter was reported missing...On Wednesday night, Kiran Naz dedicated the 7pm news broadcast on Samaa TV to Zainab, and criticised authorities over the fact that the killer still walks free..'I have nothing else to talk about today, except Zainab,' she said at the end of a nearly two-minute-long clip..'It is true that A Child's corpse is the heaviest...Today Pakistan is buried beneath the burden of the little one's funeral..Zainab's murder caused outrage in Pakistan, and violent mass protests have been shaking Kasur, located in Punjab province, since her body was found..Hundreds of protesters hurled projectiles at a hospital, attacked the home of at least one local politician, and complained of police inaction..Among those voicing anger was the cricket star and politician Imran Khan: 'The condemnable & horrific rape & murder of little Zainab exposes once again how vulnerable our children are in our society..'This is not the first time such horrific acts have happened..We have to act swiftly to punish the guilty & ensure that our children are better protected.' - Thursday - A suicide bomber attack near a group of security personnel investigating illegal drugs & alcohol dealing in Kabul, Afghanistan, kills at least 20, wounding another 27 policemen..The Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack -The U.S. State Department suspends its security assistance to Pakistan - The U.S. Treasury sanctions 5 Iranian entities associated with Iran's ballistic missile program - Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai wrote that she was 'broken to hear about Zainab - Moon Waning Gibbous Visible: 92% Age: 17.52 days - Sally confirms that the mill development has been green-lit..Winds in the east, mist coming in..Like somethin' is brewin' and bout to begin..Can't put me finger on what lies in store..But I fear what's to happen all happened before..My Dear, never confuse efficiency with a liver complaint..You have the grand Gift of silence, Watson; it makes you quite Invaluable..

As a companion..

Lava & Kusha, sons of Rama..

Hindu mythology asserts that Kasur was founded by Prince Kusha, while Lahore, was founded by Prince Lava, the sons of the Hindu deities Rama and Sita..After overrunning the Achaemenid Empire in 331 BCE, Alexander marched into the present-day Punjab region with an army of 50,000..In 997 CE, Mahmud of Ghazni, took over the Ghaznavid dynasty empire established by his father, Sultan Sebuktegin..In 1005 he conquered the Shahis in Kabul, and followed it by the northern region around modern-day Kasure..The Delhi Sultanate and later Mughal Empire and later Afghan empire ruled the Kasur region..Kasur was established as a city by Kheshgi tribe of Pashtuns who had migrated to the region, during the reign of Babar and built several small forts in the area..During this time, the Punjab region became predominantly Muslim due to missionary Sufi saints..Under Mughal rule, the city flourished and was notable for commerce and trade..After the decline of the Mughal Empire, the Sikh reocuppied Kasur in 1807..After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the minority Hindus & Sikhs were to migrate to India while the Muslim Muhajir people, migrated from India and settled in Kasur - Ansari, an alternate term for Alawites or Alawis..Ansari X Prize, a space competition..The Ansari mountains in Syria..Under the Hashashins were known as the Jabal Bahra..The Momin Ansari, are a Muslim community, found mainly in West and North India, and the province of Sindh in Pakistan..The name or title of Ansari ("supporters") originated in Arabia at the time of the prophet Mohammed..Ansar , an Islamic term that literally means "helpers" and denotes the Medinan citizens that helped the Islamic prophet Muhammad after the Hijra..At one time there were 3 girls living in the household of Khadija..Zainab bint Muhammad (598—629 AD) is regarded by Sunni historians as the eldest daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad by his first wife Khadija bint Khuwaylid..She is commonly regarded by Muslims as the Mother of the Believers, like her daughter, Fatimah, and the best of its women is Maryam bint ‘Imran, the mother of Jesus... most won't find them..After six long years of murder, victims are being mourned throughout the world..We've survived..Many of you have come up to me and thanked me..Thank yourselves..I know you have received orders from our commandant, which he has received from his superiors, to dispose of the population of this camp...

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