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Lightbulb The Only Woman left behind

Radio Special..

Born 5 November 1927..

The flag of the Viet Cong, adopted in 1960..

1962Archie E. Mitchell (44), a minister and Eleanor Ardel Vietti (34), a doctor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, was taken captive by the Viet Cong..The term Viet Cong appeared in Saigon newspapers beginning in 1956..

The Stranglers (1981) Vietnamerica ..

On Wednesday evening, May 30 Mitchell and the rest of the staff of the leprosarium were preparing to meet at Dr. Vietti's house for their weekly prayer meeting.. At dusk, around 7:45 p.m., a group of 12 members of the Viet Cong entered the leprosarium grounds, which was located about nine miles from Ban Me Thuot..The city is the largest in Vietnam's Central Highlands region, and is famous as the regional "capital of coffee"..The Viet Cong split up into three groups of four members each, and one group met Dan Gerber, who served with the Mennonite Central Committee, and tied him up.. A second group went to the Mitchell home, ordered Archie out of the house, tied him up, and led him away with Dan Gerber.. This was witnessed by the members of the Mitchell family including his wife, Betty, and three of their four children, Rebecca (age 13), Loretta (age 10), and Glenn (age 8)..The youngest Mitchell child, daughter Geraldine (age 4), was already asleep in bed.. Another group of Viet Cong went to Vietti's house and found her in bed..She was ordered to get up, dress, and she was led out of the compound, unbound, to join the other two captives..

The Holy leper King of Jerusalem/ Baldwin IV..

Vietti was born in Fort Worth, Texas and had a twin sister, Teresa J. Vietti and a younger brother, Victor..In 1961, her sister Teresa visited the leper Colony.. A captured Viet Cong soldier told interrogators later in 1962 that Vietti was treating the Viet Cong wounded..

What became of them after that is unknown... is this?..These were my guys..Fighting the dull fight..Soldiers with nothing to kill except time..Talking about killing?.Y'all experts?..Y'all know about killing?..What have we here?..

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