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Arrow Tin Drum

Danziger Trilogie..

Original film poster..

Father Tremmel told before his death in 1980 how Father Kuehberger, around the same age as Hitler, had seen the other boy struggling in the waters of the River Inn and dived in to rescue him..In 1894, while playing tag with a group of other children, the way many children do in Passau to this day, Adolf fell into the river..The current was very strong and the water ice cold, flowing as it did straight from the mountains..Luckily for young Adolf, the son of the owner of the house where he lived was able to pull him out in time and so saved his life..In 1899, Joseph Kolaizcek, the grandfather of Oskar Matzerath, the main character, is being pursued by the police through rural Kashubia (located in modern-day Poland)..He hides underneath the skirts of a young woman named Anna Bronski, with whom he later has a daughter– Oskar's mother.. He evades the authorities for a year, but when they find him again, he either drowns or escapes to America and becomes a millionaire..Anna's daughter Agnes has two lovers: her cousin Jan Bronski, a Polish Post Office worker, and Alfred Matzerath, a chef whom she marries..The two men are great friends..Agnes gives birth to a son, Oskar..Oskar's parentage is uncertain; Oskar himself believes he is Jan's son..On Oskar's third birthday, he is given a Tin Drum..


Joy Division ~ Leaders of Men..

Wiesbaden Release Date 1979 May 3 -Ingrid Isotamm was born in the small borough of Palamuse in Jogeva County..Her father was Gunnar Isotamm and her mother is Lea Isotamm (nee Kaukver).. Both of her parents were authors..Isotamm became engaged as an actress at the Estonian Puppet and Youth Theatre - Danny Foster attended the Central Foundation Boys' School..He was born to a Barbadian father and white mother/4 – Counting in the previous day's British general election shows that the Conservatives have won and Margaret Thatcher becomes the country's first female prime minister, ending the rule of James Callaghan's Labour government - Wesley Paul "Wes" Butters (born in Salford), is a radio broadcaster, formerly of BBC Radio 1..He gained a National Diploma in Design & Media Communications..

Angela Winkler..

Die BlechtRommel..

French Release date September 19 - Noemie Lenoir is a French model and actress..She is known for her work with Gucci, L'Oréal,Next, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria's Secret, Balmain Paris Hair Couture, and Marks and Spencer..Lenoir was born in Les Ulis, Essonne, France..Her mother comes from the French island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, and has Malagasy ancestry..Her father is a French retired electrician who later divorced her mother..She has been featured in a line-up of the world's most successful black models by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz..She is a third-generation American; her father's parents were Romanian Jews..On 8 December 1980 Leibovitz had a photo shoot with John Lennon for Rolling Stone, and she promised him he would make the cover..She had initially tried to get a picture with just Lennon alone, as Rolling Stone wanted, but Lennon insisted that both he and Yoko Ono be on the cover..Leibovitz was the last person to professionally photograph Lennon?..he was shot and killed 5 hours later/20 – French paratroopers help David Dacko to overthrow Bokassa in the Central African Republic - David Long is a musician, composer and producer..He has worked on all of Peter Jackson’s films of the last decade\22Jericho "Echo" Vibar Rosales is a Filipino cinema & TV actor - The South Atlantic Flash is observed near the Prince Edward Islands, thought to be a nuclear weapons test conducted by South Africa and Israel - Winkler name is a German & Jewish (Ashkenazi): topographic name for someone who lived on a corner or occupational name for someone who kept A Corner shop or farmed a corner of land..So how did you do on that social studies test?..I see, then you have ceremonies in your Astronomical Society-how interesting..Ah, Saturn!..My Astronomy is so rusty..Fancy hanging a Nazi swastika round the neck of a professing Jew... we being invaded?..If they wanted to invade they’d send troops..So this is charity?..We’re getting aid from China..Why isn’t our own government helping us, the United Nations or the Red Cross?..

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