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Arrow Judas Goat

Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
A little more about the birds in the garden here, never have I seen the blue tits gather together to attack Mr Blackbird or vice versa.

The Punisher - Blackbird is Calling!..

Come in Raven....Is that leibermann ? Just got a twinge in the left kidney area..

The Baghdad Central Prison (Sijn Bagdad al-Markizi), formerly known as Abu Ghraib prison ( lit. 'Father of Raven', or 'Place of Ravens') was a prison complex in Abu Ghraib, an Iraqi city 32 km (20 mi) west of Baghdad that operated from its construction in the 1950s until its closure the 2010s..St Leonard's Church - space now occupied by Job Centre + Office..

Damien Omen II Dates in history..

According to Lord Northampton: “I think the tradition of the Kabbalah is very strong in England, because I think one of the lost tribes came to England. And I think you can spot them, quite clearly, in old English families.I am sure you can. I know they came to Ireland, then to the North of Wales, and then down into England. And then became some of the oldest families we have” ... the art of manipulating an inanimate object in real time to create the illusion of life..Without the good will of manipulators and audience alike, puppets cannot sustain an illusion of life...

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