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If freemasonry, the EU, politicians and bankers etc are that good, then why is the UK and other countries within the EU turning into third world countries ?..Syrian refugees resettled on Scot isle complain it is 'full of old people waiting to die'..

How much in bonuses have the bankers recieved over the years ?..Britain’s biggest banks are preparing to hand out an estimated £5bn in bonuses even as they cut thousands of jobs and endure dramatic falls in their stock market value..Rothschild declined to comment on its bonuses..What doe's banker rhyme with ?..Olive..

Teenage boys in a deprived community of Glasgow..

Figures show almost 400,000 more rothchildren and 300,000 more pensioners are living in impoverished conditions than 4 years ago ..

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell at the Labour conference this week have trumpeted plans for £500bn of investment in infrastructure under a future Labour government..The Biq Questions: Where would the money come from? Would it be printed?.. Do we need it?. What would be the consequences?..And the economics author Paul Mason, who is close to the Labour leadership although he does not officially speak for the party..And remember, the Scottish Parliament has some freedom to set its own tax rates and thresholds..Study aims to study socio-economic and with intelligence..6 IQ points...How many points does the Star of David Have..? If you recall the swastika, where do we usually see the star of david depicted ?..Anagram of Star = Tsar..

This caste has spun its web over the entire Earth..

Doomed: A Gorbals mother wheels her baby through rubbish into their condemned block in 1970...

Families living in one room without running water & electricity but surrounded by damp and vermin might sound Dickensian..2008 United Kingdom bank rescue package provided for several sources of funding to be made available, to an aggregate total of £500 billion (approximately $850 billion) in loans and guarantees..Subsequently, broadly similar measures were introduced by the United States and the European Union in response to the financial crisis..Costs in France have already doubled and construction is severely delayed at EDF's flagship plant in Flamanville, which will be its first new plant in more than 15 years...
Yeah the EU and the Masons are really great !..Did someone say the Dukes have served in the forces ..I wonder if they ever saw a Sweeping brush..Captain Darling.. ? take up smoking cause there ain't no air...

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