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Arrow Hadong Battle

Fit the Twenty-Se7enth..

Coat of arms..

1+6+1+9+2+8 = 27 - Our Very Own + August

Following the invasion of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) by its northern neighbour, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), and the subsequent outbreak of the Korean War as a result, the United Nations decided to commit troops to the conflict on behalf of South Korea..The 24th Infantry Division was the first US unit sent into Korea with the mission to take the initial "shock" of North Korean advances, delaying much larger North Korean units to buy time to allow follow-on forces to arrive..20 July , 400 hastily assembled US Army recruits arrived in Okinawa aboard the USS Walker..Immediately after arrival, the commanding officer of the 19th Infantry Regiment, Colonel Ned D. Moore, ordered the 3rd Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment to move out and seize the Hadong pass, a road junction 35 miles (56 km) southwest of Chinju, where about 500 North Korean soldiers were reported to be moving..The North Koreans, in the meantime, advanced to Hadong and captured the village which was lightly defended by a group of South Korean police, as no military was available due to manpower shortages - Simon Jones is an English actor..He is best known for his multiple portrayals of Arthur Dent, protagonist of Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy..

Hadong Pass, site of the Ambush..

27 July 1950 - Thursday, under the sign of Leo at 0845 the battalion moved out towards the Hadong pass, arriving within an hour..When it was within 1,000 yards (910 m) of the pass, L Company at the head of the formation spotted a North Korean patrol..The 3rd Battalion had walked into a prepared North Korean ambush, suffering a bombardment of mortar & machine gun fire from prepared and hidden North Korean positions, and almost its entire command group was eliminated within a minute of the first shot being fired..The first burst of machine gun fire killed Chae and wounded most of the other commanders, including Mott..More than half of the American battalion was lost during its first engagement..A captured North Korean soldier reported that around 100 men had been captured at Hadong..A later search uncovered 313 American bodies, most along the river and in the rice paddies south of the pass, leaving the total number killed during the battle at 307 - Casualties of North Korean forces could not be estimated by the American units.. Meanwhile, the 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry was sent to Anui to the north, where it was attacked and pushed back repeatedly by the North Korean 4th Infantry Division..The 6th Division eventually advanced further East, attempting to capture the city of Masan, but newly reorganized troops of the US Army repulsed them and inflicted heavy casualties on them less than a week later during the Battle of the Notch-For her contributions to the film industry, Ann Blyth has a motion pictures star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6733 Hollywood Boulevard..

Korean War - PART 8 Summer of 1950..

The county of Hadong was called 'Dasachon' (county of much sand) when it was a part of the Jin state; later becoming a part of 'Nangnoguk', one of 12 statelets of the Byeonhan confederacy..According to the History of the Three Kingdoms, it was called Handasa-gun and was changed into Hadong-gun in 757 during the reign of King Gyeongdeok..In 1414, during the reign of the Joseon Dynasty King Taejong, it became 'Hanamhyeon' with 'Namhaehyeon'..Nestled between the Seomjin river and Jiri mountain, Hadong is known for its stunning scenery.. It also boasts a reputation for its peaceful, friendly, and rural atmosphere and has long been considered a beautiful and refreshing rural area, with the green tea scent of thousand years alive is a culture tour festival - Archaeologically, Jin is commonly identified with the Korean bronze dagger culture - The 27th Infantry) Division was a military formation of the Korean People's Army, as part of the II Corps..By July 1951, it was part of the III Corps, and comprised the 172nd, 173rd, and 174th Infantry Regiments and the 27th Artillery Regiment - U.S.President Truman denied publicly that he was considering using the Atomic BomB in Korea..The county of Hadong even sponsored a tourism advertisement that aired on CNN in 2007... Painted Lady, I have old wounds..To talk of peace is not hard..To live it is very hard..My brothers far away can look at this and understand my meaning..2 men were killed and for 3 others it was much worse because they were only wounded..Try to see my point of view, dear..You're very glacial this morning..You speak our tongue?...
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