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Arrow Blue on Royal

You're Now Free To Move About The Country..

The Core - Theatrical Release poster..

2003 March 28 - Moon Waning CresCent Visible: 17% - Age: 25.54 days-The Blues and Royals were serving as an armoured reconnaissance element for 16th Air Assault Brigade..4 vehicles from D Squadron, 2 FV107 Scimitars and 2 FV103 Spartans, were moving north of the main force, patrolling the Forward Edge of Battle Area.. The area of the patrol had been declared as a no engagement zone to the allied forces and the vehicles were marked with the agreed coalition Combat Identification markings including orange overhead canvas panels, thermal reflectors and Union Flags..2 A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft of the Idaho Air National Guard, 190th Fighter Squadron were completing a 2-hour mission; engaging artillery and rocket launchers of Iraq's 6th Armoured Division, dug in 25 miles (40 km) north of Basra.. The aircraft were guided to their targets by US Marine Corps forward air controllers, embedded with British ground units, and flown by a Major and lieutenant colonel on their first operational flight of the invasion.. According to media reporting of the subsequent investigation, the flight was commanded by the Major..Southwest's original primary livery was "Desert Sand"..After the war ,Kenneth joined the Directing Staff at the RAF Staff College, Andover and then, from 1950, Porter became Senior Technical Staff Officer at Headquarters Number 205 Group..He was married Elena Sinclair: they had 2 sons and 1 daughter..Popov or Popoff (masculine) or Popova (feminine) is a common Russian, Bulgarian and Macedonian last name..This is Mendeleev's classification, correct?..You a chemist, alongside your doctorate?..All doctoring is chemistry, of one form or another..Yeah, all life is chemistry, in one form or another..It was Aristotle that said it first, right?..Limited to 4, he said Earth, Water, Air, Fire..All the purrfumes of the island came rushing in on the wind, Orange, lemon blossoms, Grapes, flowers..“You got hit by the Thunderbolt, eh?..

"Civilian death" to collateral damages..

And being killed by your own Army..Is now called "friendly fire"..

From an altitude of 12,000 ft (3,700 m), the aircraft spotted Iraqi vehicles 800 yards north, and the British patrol less than 3 miles (5 km) west..Following dialogue with the FAC and between the aircrew, the British convoy was engaged by the A-10s in a Gun and Rocket attack which left the vehicles disabled..The British soldiers exited the vehicles, taking cover underneath the hulls.. The aircraft conducted a second attack, resulting in the death of L/CoH Hull, still within his Scimitar..Trooper Christopher Finney, 18, driving the lead Scimitar re-entered his burning vehicle calling a Mayday report on his still-functional radio.. Trooper Finney then dragged a badly wounded L/Cpl Tudball from the burning Vehicle before attempting to recover Hull in the second Scimitar, but being beaten back by exploding munitions and heat.. For his actions, Trooper Finney was later awarded the George Cross, the highest award for gallantry "not in the face of the enemy"..As well as the death of Hull, a further 5 soldiers were injured..Prior to 2007, Southwest boarded passengers by grouping the passengers into 3 groups, labeled A, B and C.. Passengers would line up at their specified letter and board..In retirement Porter became Director of Technical Education Projects at University College, Cardiff- Nadia Popov..The show's plot centred on the antics of a number of ghosts who worked for a firm called RentaGhost..

Gulf War (351 of 374) -After the War, 1991..

Inquiry into fiendly fire A-10 attack on Fusillers Warrior..

The audio track includes debate over the IDentity of the targets and the order,from the ("Manila Hotel") FAC, to disengage identifying a likely "blue-on-blue" incident.. The audio track also includes notification of one death and several injuries with the order to return to base.. Subsequent audio indicates frustration and crying with the comment: "We're in jail, dude"..Upon viewing the video, Matty Hull's widow, Susan, stated that the pilots were, "more concerned for themselves than their victims"..On 6 February 2007 the Sun named POPOV36 as Colonel Gus KohnTopp, a commercial pilot for Southwest Airlines and member of the Idaho Air National Guard..Most of the 190th's early airmen were Veterans of World War II..The Volunteers — 23 officers and 44 enlisted men — met one knight each week in a small building on Fort Street in downtown Boise..Jewish tradition holds that the number 36 has had special significance since the beginning of time..In the modern celebration of Hanukkah, 36 candles are kindled in the Menorah over the 8 days of that holiday..Honor Flights are dedicated to bringing aging and ailing Veterans to Visit the national monuments in Washington, D.C., deVoted to the Wars They Fought in - The exact form or formulation of ghosts is dependent on the particular Gauge chosen.. Do you have a family, a friend?..Is there a Misses Fourty-Four waiting for you some place?..There are other element's discovered beyond Ancient Greece, Captain..

Muscat harbor during World War I..

1977 March 31 Elizabeth II – Visits Muscat..She marked 25 years on the throne with a busy UK tour, visiting 36 counties over 10 Weeks..

At the time, the bodies of those service personnel dying overseas were repatriated to the UK via RAF Brize Norton, leading to the responsibility for inquests being under the civilian jurisdiction of the Oxfordshire coroner..An inquest into the death of L/CoH Hull was convened in 2006, presided over by Assistant Deputy Coroner Andrew Walker..In the case of the crash of an RAF Nimrod in Afghanistan in 2006, in which 14 servicemen were killed, Walker stated that the evidence heard at the inquest revealed that the entire Nimrod fleet had "never been airworthy from the first time it was released to service"..Walker commented on the actions of L/Cpl Finney GC, stating: “You are a brave man.. You are to be commended for what you did..On 16 March 2007 , coroner Andrew Walker returned a narrative verdict, stating that the killing of Hull was "unlawful" ..Hull was 25, and based in Windsor - She said that her husband's strength would help her find the courage to come to terms with his death just 3 days before his 26th birthday..His death brings the total number of UK soldiers killed in the war to 23, and is possibly the 5th as a result of what the military calls "blue on blue" incidents - Southwest does not currently partner with any other airline..Southwest introduced the canyon blue livery on January 16, 2001, the first primary livery change in Southwest's then-30-year history - 36 is the number of degrees in the interior angle of Each Tip of a regular Pentagram..would allow the regeneration of dead soldiers, American soldiers?.. - 2003 December 26 – The 6.6 Mw Bam Earthquake shaKes south Eastern Iran with a Maximum Merkalli intensity of IX (Violent), killing an estimated 30,000 people/28 -Shane marries Gillian Walsh in Ballintubber Abbey, Ireland - Moon Waxing CreScent Visible: 31% - Age: 5.53 Days... think you know everything?.You haven't even scratched the surface..It is an advantage to choose the time and place for battle..Levi?..Who names their kid Levi?..Well, Rangers do not wait on good weather..Oh, no..Rangers are trained to operate in the worst possible conditions..The Most Dangerous Game..That's why you're here isn't it?...

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