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Robert Laurence Nairac in his Grenadier Guards uniform..

Nairac was born Tuesday 31 August 1948 in Mauritius to an English mother and a father of French-Mauritian origin.. His family name originates from the Gironde area of France.. Contrary to popular belief, he had no Irish ancestry.. His father was an eye surgeon who worked first in the north of England and then in Gloucester..Robert's mother was Anglican and his father a Catholic..Nairac, aged 10, attended prep school at Gilling Castle, a feeder school for the Roman Catholic public school Ampleforth College which he attended a year later.. He gained 9 O levels and 3 A levels..He became friends with the sons of Lord Killanin and went to stay with the family in Dublin and Spiddal in County Galway..Killanin served as Honorary Consul-General of Monaco in Ireland from 1961 to 1984..Killanin died at his home in Dublin aged 84..Nairac read medieval and military history at Lincoln College, Oxford, is 9th oldest of Oxford University's extant colleges, and excelled in sport; he played for the Oxford rugby 2nd XV and revived the Oxford boxing club where he won 4 blues in bouts with Cambridge.. He was also a falconer, keeping a bird in his room which was used in the film Kes..He left Oxford in 1971 to enter Royal Military Academy Sandhurst under the sponsorship of the Grenadier Guards and was commissioned with them upon graduation..After Sandhurst he undertook post-graduate studies at the University of Dublin, before joining his regiment - Zhdanov was thought to be the successor-in-waiting to Joseph Stalin..

Little Queen Released May 14, 1977 ..

Nairac's first tour of duty in Northern Ireland was with Number 1 Company, the Second Battalion of the Grenadier Guards..The Battalion was stationed in Belfast from 5 July 1973 to 31 October 1973..This was a time of high tension and regular contacts with paramilitaries..Robert was frequently involved in such activity on the streets of Belfast.. He was also a volunteer in community relations activities in the Ardoyne sports club.. The battalion's tour was adjudged a success with 58 weapons, 9,000 rounds of ammunition and 693 lbs of explosives taken and 104 men jailed..The battalion had no casualties and did not shoot anyone.. After his tour had ended he stayed on as liaison officer for the replacement battalion, the 1st Battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders..The new battalion suffered a baptism of fire with Nairac narrowly avoiding death on their first patrol when a car bomb exploded on the Crumlin Road..Rather than returning to his battalion, which was being transferred to British Hong Kong, Nairac volunteered for military intelligence duties in Northern Ireland..Following completion of several training courses, he returned to Northern Ireland in 1974 attached to 4 Field Survey Troop, Royal Engineers, one of the 3 sub-units of a Special Duties unit known as 14 Intelligence Company..Posted to South County Armagh, 4 Field Survey Troop was given the task of performing surveillance duties..Nairac finished his tour with 14th Int in mid-1975 and returned to his regiment in London and was promoted to captain on 4 September 75\77 May 12 Portugal and Israel establish diplomatic relations- 1st quadrophonic concert by Pink Floyd in London -Rachel Wilson also voices the character of Heather in Total Drama..Graeme did win the Berlin leg of the World Series of Snooker, but withdrew from the Moscow event 2 days before it began, due to his wife preparing to give birth/13 -Ilse Annoeska de Lange was born in Almelo, Netherlands - The Silver Jubilee Air Fair is held at Biggin Hill - Samantha Jane Morton is an English actress, screenwriter and director - On his 4th tour, Robert was a liaison officer to the units based at Bessbrook Mill.. It was during this time that he was abducted hand killed..

People don't commit Murder on credit..

How about coming with me to a stag party?..

Ada Nicodemou is a Greek Cypriot-born Australian actress, best known for her role as Leah Patterson-Baker in the soap OPera Home and Away..Netherlands State Delta Kappa Gamma Society forms - On the evening of 14 May 1977, Nairac drove alone to The Three Steps pub in Dromintee, South Armagh.. He is said to have told regulars of the pub that he was Danny McErlaine, a motor mechanic and member of the Official IRA from the republican Ardoyne area in North Belfast.. "Doc", Halladay was an American pro baseball player who pitched in Major League..The real McErlaine, on the run since 1974, was killed by the Provisional IRA in June 1978 after stealing arms from the organisation..Witnesses say that Nairac got up and sang a republican folk song, "The Broad Black Brimmer", with the band who were playing that night.. At around 11.45 p.m., he was abducted following a struggle in the pub's car park and taken across the border into the Republic of Ireland to a field in the Ravensdale Woods in County Louth..Following a violent interrogation during which Nairac was allegedly punched, kicked, pistol-whipped and hit with a wooden post, he was shot dead in a field..He did not admit to his true identity..Terry McCormick, one of Nairac's abductors, posed as a priest in order to try to elicit information by way of Nairac's confession last words according to McCormick were: "Bless me Father, for I have sinned".. Claims that his body was disposed of by being put through a meat grinder have been dimissed as a myth.. Nairac and Jones had become friends and Nairac would sometimes eat supper at Major H. Jones hausehold.. After a 4-day search, the Garda Síochána confirmed to the Royal Ulster Constabulary that they had reliable evidence of Nairac's killing..Quite a route that was..Bon appétit..

May 14 - The 1977 IAS Cargo Boeing 707 airplane crash in Lusaka, Zambia kills all 6 on board - The flight was a 3-legged - In Milan, Italy, during a far-left demonstration, a hooded person shoots at the police, killing a policeman, Antonio Custra..The scene is photographed and the picture of the hooded man shooting in the middle of the street appears in many magazines around the world - In November 1977, Liam Townson, a 24-year-old IRA member from the village of Meigh outside Newry, was convicted of Nairac's murder..In 1978, the RUC arrested 5 men from the South Armagh area..3 of them – Gerard Fearon, 21, Thomas Morgan, 18, and Daniel O'Rourke, 33 -Were charged with Robert's murder..Two other men, Terry McCormick & Pat Maguire, wanted in connection with this incident remain on the run..Maguire has been reported as living in New Jersey in the US..Crilly was also charged with the murder of Robert - Yorkshire TeleVision..We have evidence from police, military hand loyalist sources which confirms the links between Nairac and the Portadown loyalist paramilitaries and the man called 'The Jackal' ..And also that in May 1974, he was meeting with these paramilitaries,supplying them with arms and helping them plan acts of terrorism against republican targets..SIS Captain Fred Holroyd, that Nairac admitted involvement in the assassination of IRA member John Francis Green on 10 January 1975 to him..These claims were given prominence when, in 1987,Ken Livingstone MP told the House of Commons that Nairac was quite likely to have been the person who organised the killing of 3 Miami Showband musicians - Little Girls shouldn't look for 4 leaf clovers...'s a fairly new mat, and some of its fibers came off on his shoes..What do I look like, me lad?. See the hat?..The buckles on me shoes?..Darling, I understand now, but that doesn't stop me from loving you..I'm so glad we don't have to go to Maureen's; she's such a filthy cook..Wouldn't that ring a bell?..let me get you another drink..Mark, before Tony Halliday comes I ought to explain something..I suppose you're still on duty, Inspector..Hello?..Hello?..Hello, Dan, I'm O-kay...

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