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Time and space, Justin Trudeau. Not as removed as i might of thought from his generation.

Music ; Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band- Arts Skys video set2013 001cb

This link give both version
The Twilight Zone S03E09 Deaths Head Revisited
I watched both. an both are great.

Strangely enough. The story imagery is right on the money to what I know as fact. It dose not matter what the fuck you believe in.

this is a fact of the matter. I actual had the privilege of showing a door from a death camp. an pointed out some the more current inmates to these kind of places. Prisons its surprising how fast the guards BECOME the actual inmates.

The Nordic have said the AO is a hybrid. The statement is in error. an shows there lack of actual knowledge of the subject of the AO

The AO has Hybrids of him self would be a better way of say this.

The Alpha ; where I came from is my mother and father. Meaning ; me as a human part of the math. purely biological faction human being. Like you self or me is lost to what I have learned. this represented in my book of life imagery.
every fuck up a human can do + a few I made up. I can see what has happen it did happen. Facts. The above are Alpha images I m alive.

There is a center The mountain. The path I travel. The part of me that will not can not change or be moved. You can shatter that mountain to atoms. an never find it. Ask that unknown question hidden right in front you.

Crispy Mr. Morden - B5 S4 E01 The Hour of the Wolf

The Omega you do not see. when I show this part me. This is a hybrid Gray Human. The dna was most likely grab between 4 n 8 years old. This one is like the bottom line. hold both Gray n human fetches.

Often he seen with Logo's as a weapon connected to his hand. This is a symbol the sword often seen in the human AO images. I generally consider. It the possibility of destruction mainly of souls.

As the Large cloud edited image shows. Some people raising over an using Logo's as a stepping stone. As I said ; At that time so few raise that high. some are Christians. 96% + of people stay here on Earth. Trapped waiting I assume it is for what Christians call for the coming of the lord.

so these are symbols. readable symbols. Which means the same thing every time. They relate in a story. an like in English where by we can sound out a word. The very same thing can be said about how I can understand these things.

It just another language to me. I picked up basic sign language in few years.

Best image in action my Med East imagery. So there are patterns which are readable. in symbols every one knows.

The above Imagery is placed here for what it's about an the length of time between events

The above images are very uncommon today. They were glyph only to the point of raw. Unlike popped hard images which show a detail glyph chain.

Most special images have mulity chains they run in the same directions.

The mountain.
If I don't need to pop it. to make the point I wont. If I'm asked to go deep I will.

This images show a lot of stuff. but the focus is on 1 part. This is the day I knew I would lose my teeth. Aside from all the other stuff. X number of years later. I would lose my teeth.

Thankful it was not abuse. I have problem with my nose an this forced me to sleep with my mouth open drying my teeth aloud more major problem to take place. And so there a very natural explanation.

How ever my focus was length of time. an viable in, other time lines. Other images an how they can or might relate to, today's world.

Time an space in the dimensional physical world
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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