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Arrow In Vino Veritas


Linda Susan (January 10, 1949 (=23) – April 22, 2002)..

The Vinalia Urbana was held on 23 April.. It was predominantly a wine festival, shared by Venus as patron of "profane" wine (vinum spurcum) intended for everyday human use, and Jupiter as patron of the strongest, purest, sacrificial grade wine (temetum).. In honour of Venus, whose powers had provided humankind with ordinary wine, men and women alike sampled the vinum spurcum of the previous AuTUMn's pressing..

EuGenie V. Peterson..Oh spare me the Oliver Twist routine..

Charlie love..You need to build your audience..Devi's fascination with India began at 15..

2002 April Moon Waxing Gibbous Visible: 82% - Age: 10.60 days - 23 – a badly decomposed female body is found in the River Thames; and is feared to be that of Amanda Dowler/24– the body found in the River Thames is identified as that of 73-year-old(7+3=10) Mrs. Maisie Thomas, who was last seen alive near her home in Shepperton just over a year ago and whose death is not believed to be suspicious - George Richmond Langdale OBE (11 March 1916) was a schoolmaster, writer on mathematics and English cricketer who played for Derbyshire from 1936 to 37 \25Bryant attended Battersea Grammar School and after service in the Merchant Navy and Army, he attended drama school and appeared in many productions on the London stage-Two 16-year-old twin brothers are cleared of murdering 10-year-old Damilola Taylor, who was South stabbed to death in London 17 months earlier - Lisa Nicole Lopes (May 27, 1971), better known by her stage name Left Eye..

Doc Holiday & Johnny Ringo Latin Translated ..

In Vino Veritas is a Latin phrase that means "in wine, truth", suggesting a person under the influence of alcohol is more likely to speak their hidden thoughts and desires..In Dutch, "De wijn in het lijf, het hart in de mond.. Een dronken mond spreekt 's harten grond"..Similar phrases exist across cultures and languages though the earliest was likely Hebrew..In German, "Trunkner Mund verrät des Herzens Grund" ("A drunken mouth betrays the 's meaning") and "Trunkener Mund tut Wahrheit kund..Authors after Herodotus have added that if the Persians made a decision while sober, they made a rule to reconsider it when they were drunk (Histories, book 1, section 133).."He speaks in his drink what he thought in his drouth"..In French, "Ce que le sobre tient au cœur est sur la langue du buveur"..Round, round with the glass, boys, as fast as you can.. In Spanish, "Despues de beber cada uno dice su parecer" ("After drinking everyone speaks their opinion")..Drink, drink, then, and hold it a maxim divine..Brew beer and you will Hear what killed your mother - Barbeque 6+7 (=13) was a music event held in the market town of Spalding (Postcode district PE11, PE12) Lincolnshire..

August Moon First quarter Visible: 62% - Age: 8.50 days - 16 Acting as a freelance contractor, Abu Nidal is believed to have ordered attacks in 20 countries, killing over 300 and injuring over 650 - Ian Huntley, caretaker of Soham Village College, and his girlfriend Maxine Carr, are questioned in connectionwith the disappearance of Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman, but are released after se7en hours in custody - Sergey received a wound from shrapnel from a hand grenade but carried on regardless -Roseboro was born in Ashland, Ohio and enrolled at Central State University - As a young child, Ola Belle Reed learned the claw-hammer-style banjo and along with her musical family , sangold-time songs from the mountain region where they lived/17 - Several hours later, two "severely decomposed and partially skeletonised" bodies are found in the Lakenheath area; they have not been identified but police say that they are likely to be those of the 2 missing girls - The Vinalia Rustica was held on August 1=9 (=10) - Moon Waxing Gibbous Visible: 89% - Age: 11.51 days..It was originally a rustic Latin harvest festival, celebrating the grape harvest, vegetable growth and fertility..At the Roman Vinalia Rustica, kitchen Gardens and Market-gardens, and presumably vineyards were dedicated to Venus Obsequens, the oldest known form of Venus..In practice, however, the festival had strong popular and cult connections to Venus as patron goddess of ordinary, religiously "impure" wine (vinum spurcum)..Some of the rites took place at her various temples..The sacrificial Victim offered by Jupiter's priest, -A- Female lamb (agna) may be evidence if not of Venus herself, then of an ancient, rustic Latin goddess very much like her..An account of the origins and Rise of this festiVal is given by Festus..It was rediscovered in 1436 at Speyer by the Venetian humanist and bishop Pietro Donato..When he found it, half of the manuscript was already missing, so that it only contains the alphabetized entries, M-V, and that not in perfect condition..It has been scorched by fire and disassembled..In the Speyer cathedral, beneath the high altar, are the tombs of 8 Holy Roman emperors and German Kings - Speyer is twinned with Spalding Known as The of the Fens, Spalding has been long famous as a centre of the bulb industry..It has had close links with the Netherlands..Spalding once had a local radio station,called Tulip Radio..In May 1941 during World War II, a stray Luftwaffe bomber dropped its bombs on Spalding, destroying much of Hall Place and causing damage to several businesses - Sunday Silence was an American-bred Thoroughbred racehorse & Sire..Well, which one are we in, then?..Are we in West Germany or are we in East Germany?... star is digitized..You know what this means?.We have stepped into a new dimension..You're more authentic than all the people who worship you, and that's the problem you're lookin' at...

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