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Old Royal Naval College..
Badge of the Royal Hospital..

Water Gate of the Royal Naval College..

All ships are female, and she delivers a product..FeMales produce products..This was originally the site of the Palace of Placentia, more commonly known as Greenwich Palace, the berthplace of Tudor queens Mary I and Elizabeth I and reputedly the favourite palace of Henry VIII..The woman may have received a therapeutic blood transfusion.. ABO blood group system and the D antigen of the Rhesus (Rh) blood group yale typing are routine prior to Transfusion..Women of blood type O are more prone than women of types A and B to making IgG anti-A and anti-B auntibodies, and these IgG antibodies are able to cross the placenta..Labour, Delivery Room, Birth, Ship, “she” delivers products.. When products are delivered, they need a certificate of Manifest - The region to the south of Cetus & Aquarius had been named by Aratus in 270 BCE as The Waters..

Dreadzone - Little Britain

Vicky aren't you going too take your baby?..Don't worry I've got loads
at home..

What is on the ship is on its manifest..The site is regularly used for filming TV Programmes..Productions have included Patriot Games, as well as Shanghai Knights, and a 2006 advertisement for Marks & Spencer..4 Weddings and a Funeral, The Madness of King George, The Mummy Returns, The Avengers Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.. BBC's spy-drama Spooks and the dramatisation of Little Dorrit, Eastern Promises, Northern Lights-The Wolf Man..Amazing Grace,Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows & Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides..Scenes were shot at the grounds for The King's Speech, where the site doubled for Buckingham Palace, and The Dark Knight Rises.. Les Miserables...Thor:The Dark World...The Man from U.N.C.L.E..Revolver filmed a scene there.."We can see the DNA genetic code agenda very clearly today with the cloning explosion and the way Human Genes are now being openly manipulated like never before, at least in known history"..But, you can't make an omelette without breaking some Eggs..Used loosely, the term "bardo" refers to the state of existence intermediate between 2 lives on Earth..Tell that its Sculptor well those passions read,which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things..I looked at my Father's clothes and hanging there was his Admiral's Jacket..

Alien: Covenant Prologue - The Crossing
20th Century
FOX ..

Humans are Maritime Admiralty products; they also have Certificate of manifest..Birth/Berth Certificate..The word placenta comes from the Latin word for cake, from Greek plakounta, accusative of plakoeis/plakous, "flat, slab-like", in reference to its round, flat appearance in humans..It metabolises a number of substances and can release metabolic products into maternal or fetal circulations..The placenta grows throughout pregnancy..Development of the maternal blood supply to the placenta is complete by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy (approximately 12–13 weeks)..Placental expulsion begins as a psychological separation from the wall of the uterus..The period from just after the child is born until just after the placenta is expelled is called the "third stage of labour"..The placenta is usually X-spelled within 15–30 minutes of berth..As soon as you're born, they are property of the government in which they live..Several cultures believe the placenta to be or have been alive, often a relative of the baby..Birth Certificate, shows our “Informant” are our Parents..The Royale Family have got lots of babies all over the world..All Humans are Stock Clarice... of you know me already!..Let's talk about your father, hand he wants to take over an entire country!..I just like to fight, with weapons or without..All right..You've got the job...
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