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North Korea Attacks South Korea Island

New footage of Korean artillery strike

North and South Korea exchange artillery fires on NLL

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Launches another missile over Hokkaido Japan

North Korea threatens Pirates

Japan Coast Guard Sinks North Korean Spy Ship

dose not matter which side you are on you end up in front the same guy. this image Copyright for this year is much older.

but it pretty much say some one done fucked up. All this BS must just kill those tourist dollar's big time. Honest money's earned

To have aloud this to go this far show a lack leadership with Greater Asian as whole. logic dictate this hurts the greater economical block.

At this point the US an Russia have political zero credibility. on the world front. Mean people.
This current US election system has been compromises by a entity out side the US. Russia arms missiles to sway. the all ready fake elections. The US is only given 2 realistic choices. The false flag has all ready decided an on who they will attack.

This will come back to bit the baby bear in the ass sooner then later.

With destruction of the US economical section. by the Last Boss's own hands. it force's The US in to deeper in to passed.

China has 2 main levels of governing 1 Military 2 political. if your only talking to 1 of these 2 factions. your talking to none. You need both in the same room at the same time. Unless they like yea. in which case they have governing system That a loud n has a limited atomizes, set core of action. under China's governing system but. It take both factions in the same room to, get things done in China.

i'm in to political things or world leadership.


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