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Fish–Goat hybrid - Ruler Saturn..

2002 August 4 - 10-year-old girls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman go missing in Soham, Cambridgeshire..

In the Parable of the Ten Virgins, Jesus tells a story about a party of virgins, perhaps bridesmaids or torch bearers for a procession, chosen to participate in a wedding..Each of the 10 virgins is carrying a lamp or torch as they await the coming of the bridegroom, which they expect at some time during the Knight..Despite the late hour, Holden nearly calls Phoebe, his 10-year-old sister - August 5 – police and volunteers in the Soham area begin the search for Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman - Capricorn is the 10th astrological sign in the Zodiac..Its symbol is based on the Sumerians' primordial god of wisdom & waters, Enki..Later known as Ea in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology, Enki was the god of intelligence (gestú, literally "Ear"), creation, crafts; magic; water, seawater & lakewater (a, aba, ab) - NGC 10 is an unbarred spiral galaxy located in the Sculptor constellation..The region to the south of Cetus and Aquarius had been named by Aratus in 270 BCE as The Waters..What Hath the lord commandeth?..A thimble is a small hard pitted cup worn for protection on the finger that pushes the needle in sewing..

What about you Holly, got a man ? ..

The Ring - You Will Die in Se7en Days (2002) HD ..

George Chapman (14 December 1865 7 April 1903) was a Polish serial killer known as the Borough Poisoner..He was convicted and executed after poisoning 3 women, but is remembered today mostly because some police officers suspected him of being the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper..Chapman took at least 4 mistresses, who posed as his wife..It has even been suggested that he carried out a Ripper-style killing in New York City, the murder of Carrie Brown, she supposedly won her nickname of Shakespeare for her habit of quoting William Shakespeare during drinking games..The badly mutilated body of Carrie , a longtime Bowery prostitute, was found in a room in a squalid lodging house known as the East River Hotel on April 24, 1891 - Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Final Problem" - Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf Von Moltke (26 October 1800, Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin24 April 1891, Berlin) was a German Field Marshal..Chapman's story was dramatised Twice by Towers of London - According to the Book of Chronicles, Adina and 30 Reubenites aided David as members of his mighty warriors in conquering the City of David - Rehoboam remained as king of only the Kingdom of Judah, or southern kingdom - Take the Disciples, for instance..They annoy the hell out of me, they were about as much use to Him as a Hola in the head..

"The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus" - Rubens..

You don't know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do..

Phoebe was the daughter of Leucippus and Philodice, daughter of Inachus.. She & her sister Hilaera are commonly referred to as Leucippides..When Idas and Lynceus tried to rescue their brides-to-be they were both slain, but Castor himself fell..Pollux persuaded Zeus to allow him to share his immortality with his brother.. X is the 24th and antepenultimate letter in the modern English & Latin alphabet - The Roman numeral for 10 is X (which looks like 2 Vs (Roman numeral for 5); it is thought that the V for 5 is derived from an open hand (5 digits), and X for 10 from both hands - 5 August 2002 – Police and Volunteers in the Soham area begin the search for Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman - The Chinese word numeral for 10, is also a Cross - In black Jack, the Ten, Jack, Queen & King are all worth 10 points - As black as soot, a carbonaceous substance produced during incomplete combustion of coal, wood, OIL, etc.- In playing cards, a suit is one of the categories into which the cards of a deck are divided - Neon is a chemical element with symbol Ne and atomic number 10..Magick Wands were always made out of the wood of a Holly tree..Think about it..Think about how Hollywood does what they do - Chapman identified with the novel's narrator to the extent that he wanted to change his name to Holden Caulfield.. On the night he shot Lennon, Chapman (born May 10, 1955) was found with a copy of the book in which he had written "This is my Statement" and signed Holden's name, Clegg cannot understand why Miranda likes The Catcher in the Rye..Chapter 10.. is a crater on Janus moon of Saturn - The Domesday entry for Wentworth suggests that the village was then fairly large Parish Church is dedicated to St Peter Population 200..It was reported that a Sunday-school, attended by 8 boys and 15 girls, was held in the chancel of the church now attend school at Witchford - Phoebe is not only intelligent and pretty, with red hair like Allie's, but she is one person with whom Holden can communicate, his soul mate -2002 August 12 – a possible sighting of Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman is reported by a local Taxi Driver... instant and the first animal is jettisoned, legs furiously pumping..Years ago I worked for the CIA on the MK ULTRA program..God said you owed another marker..He came to collect..Now, run to the mirror in the bathroom..Look!..Shes coming in here..I can't live thru each slow century of her moving..I see all the history of the world on his scales, all people, all actions..You take one step outside, you know exactly what will happen..Serial killers only have two names..You ever notice that?.

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