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Lightbulb From Annie

By hook or by crook..

The history of the Crook story is an incredible one in the study of the Whitechapel murders..The alleged story is a complex, not to say a tortuous one..Briefly put, the story alleges that Annie Crook became first the lover and then the wife of Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of the then Prince of Wales, later Edward VII.. The result of this union was a daughter, Alice Margaret, who was born in 1885..The authorities found out about this illicit marriage and child - Annie Crook was subjected to some kind of barbarous treatment to affect her reason and memory, the child was smuggled away and the 5 inconvenient and potentially blackmailing witnesses (the "canonical" Whitechapel victims) were disposed of by ritual Masonic Slaughter..The shepherd's crook is a primitive device used by shepherds..

Murder by Degree - Don't Let Them Hurt Me Scene..

The murders were committed by a gang whose members varied depending on which incarnation of the theory you read but included John Netley, Sir William Gull, Walter Sickert, Robert Anderson & Randolph Churchill..The source of this story was Joseph Gorman/Sickert who claimed that the daughter of this love match, Alice Margaret Crook, was cared for by Walter Sickert, later became his lover and the two of them, Alice & Walter, were Joseph's parents..This version of events first came to public attention in the BBC series, "Jack the Ripper," in 1975 and was given its first full length treatment the following year by Stephen Knight in "Jack the Ripper - The Final Solution"..

Annie Wood was born in 1847 in London into a middle-class family of Irish origin..She became a member of the Theosophical Society and a prominent lecturer on the subject - The crook (heka) and flail (nekhakha) are symbols used in Ancient Egyptian society..They were originally the attributes of the deity Osiris that became insignia of pharaonic authority..The only extant pharaonic examples of both the crook and flail come from the tomb of Tutankhamun.. The crosier (known as the pastoral staff, from the Latin pastor, shepherd) is shaped like a shepherd's crook..

In 1871 the Crook family is listed living in Upper Rathbone Place, London.. No number is given on the census sheet.. The household is listed as follows: William Crook aged 40 born Eton - Pianoforte Finisher - Annie Crook aged 32 born Berwick on Tweed - Children Annie E aged 8 born London - Alice aged 7 months born St Pancras..By 1881 the family had moved to Number 2 Rose Street, London.. By 1891 the family had moved back to Upper Rathbone Place, but this time we have a number, Number 16..

Crook is an Old Norse surname - Around 1800 in France terminal crooks were invented, which proved to be extremely popular..Fort Crook may refer to 2 U.S. military posts, both named after Gen. George Crook - Crook is a historic market town in County Durham, in the North East of England.. A World War 1 & 2 Cenotaph, located in the market place..Crook hill is situated above the A57 Snake Pass road between Sheffield & Manchester as it passes Ladybower Reservoir - Series 2 Number 7 - As Nessa makes a shocking confession, a tearful Stacey realises she's about to leave home and Pam's friends Dawn & Pete Sutcliffe are distraught over their 3way situation..In the medieval shatranj, the rook symbolized a chariot..In some languages the rook is called a ship..In Kannada it is known as "elephant"..The name "Elephant & Castle" is derived from a coaching inn... knight it came so clear.. I realized you just need more time..Be useful to her, amuse her..She'll admire your spirit..Learn from her..Observe the ladies of the court..See how they achieve what they want from their men..That is the art of being a woman..Oh, no tears, please.. It's a waste of good suffering!..We have such sights to show you!...

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