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Tyrone House in County Galway is a ruined manor house, built in the 1770s for Christopher St. George.. It is on a promontory by the estuary of the Kilcolgan river, about 2 miles (3 km) from the village of Kilcolgan, County Galway, Ireland..

It was a big solemn house, grandly planned, 3 stories high..

Marcus Beresford, 1st Earl of Tyrone (16 July 1694 – 4 April 1763), known as Sir Marcus Beresford, 4th Baronet until 1720 and subsequently as The Viscount Tyrone until 1746, was an Irish peer, freemason and politician..The house was destroyed by the local IRA unit during the Irish War of Independence in 1920..Rumour had it that it was going to be used by the Black & Tans as an infirmary..Tyrone House was uninhabited at the time..

Tyrone (Irish: Tír Eoghain, meaning "Land of Eoghan") was a kingdom of Gaelic Ireland, associated geographically with present-day County Tyrone, County Armagh and parts of County Londonderry.. One part of the realm to the north-east broke away and expanded, becoming Clandeboye, ruled by a scion branch of the Ó Néill..From the 5th century founding of Cenél nEógain, the tuatha was a sub-unit of the larger kingdom of Ailech (which they typically held the kingship to), along with their Cenél Conaill cousins, fellow descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the ancestor of the Uí Néill dynasties that dominated the northern half of Ireland from the 6th to the 10th century... The Town of Tyrone is in the northwest part of the county and is east of Bath, NY..Looking for Demolition & Dismantling Contractors in Blackwatertown, Dungannon, County Tyrone?..'re on two per cent, two and a half, maybe even three..What you think this is the wheel of fortune?.. I know..My parents to be were on the same plane when it crashed..That's how they met..Oh, yeah. Bloody hell.. I'm sweating in here..Roasting..Boiling. Baking..Sweltering.. It's like a Furnace...

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