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Lightbulb Pegged and Circled

Masons love anything to do with the word "Stone" - cornerstone - keystone - foundation stone - stonecutter - stonemason - gold-stone - capstone, etc.

Whenever you hear them mention the name Peggy, it means a victim is pegged in..A similar term is "Inside the circle"..

Children Of The Stones Theme..

1. Into the Circle (TX: 10 January 1977)
2. Circle of Fear (TX: 17 January 1977)
3. Serpent in the Circle (TX: 24 January 1977)
4. Narrowing Circle (TX: 31 January 1977)
5. Charmed Circle (TX: 7 February 1977)
6. Squaring the Circle (TX: 14 February 1977)
7. Full Circle (TX: 21 February 1977)..
Wow.. wonder if they phone each other up on their mobiles ?..Or perhaps they use telepathy..
Masons love trees and anything WOOD or TREES (especially burnt wood, ritualistically cutting them down, ashes, fire, spark, chopped wood) Olive, Willow, Oak, Cedars, Ash, Elms, Palms, Acacias, Fruit Trees, etc. They love Palm plants/trees at their property..Also see what hangs from their rear View mirror..
Did you know LLandudno is a 100% Masonic mind controlled town in Wales ? L & A = Square and Compass.. They've been using this small town for more than 60 years and still are..Apprentice training Masonic initiates is one of the most talked about and seldom well-accomplished duties within many Lodges..Did you know most Glaziers and window cleaners are Masons ?..They will also use these (Certain Letters) in their vehicle registration/number plates...
http://www.masonic-lodge-of-educatio...g-masonic.html after me, the words of the Susama Ritual..Oriel Seraphim..You will also remember, Simon, what I said to you about the Angel of Death once being summoned...

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