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"These people in top positions of authority are psychopaths with no empathy, (and who are responsible for the rape, murder and torture of children) are immoral and clinically insane and as a world population we have to address the issue of eradicating these psychopaths from top public offices, because every single bird, every single plant, every animal,and every single child, every man, every woman is at risk whilst these people are in power."
(at 11.50 into the video)
"The child trafficking after Waterhouse continued unabated" (at 29.00 into the video + treatment of whistleblowers)

"The realisation of just how corrupt everything is comes slowly and slowly and slowly, and even with all my experience I hadn't actually expected to be set-up in the way that I was."(at 41.30)
Intelligence insider Andrea Davison, the BBC, VIP Paedophiles,whistle-blowers and more
(from 2015)

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