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Lightbulb Transfer Agreement

Entering Heaven alive..

National Socialist Germany & the Zionists, Susan..

The Haavara Agreement was an agreement between Nazi Germany & Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933.. The agreement was finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany.. It was a major factor in making possible the migration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in 1933–1939..The agreement was designed to enable Jews fleeing antisemitic persecution under the new Nazi regime to transfer some portion of their assets to their refuge in British Mandatory Palestine..Initially, Hitler criticized the agreement, but reversed his opinion and supported it in the period 1937-1939..The Haavara (Transfer) Agreement, negotiated by Eliezer Hoofein, director of the Anglo-Palestine Bank, was agreed to by the Reich Economics Ministry in 1933, and continued, with declining German government support..The head of the Middle Eastern division of the foreign ministry, the anti-Nazi Werner Otto von Hentig, supported the policy of concentrating Jews in Palestine..It also served as a model for a similar arrangement with the Czech government and the immigration of several thousand Jews on the eve of World War II..

Isaac's servant tying the bracelet on Rebecca's arm by Benjamin West..

Rebecca (1940) - I Am Mrs. de Winter Now! HD..

Eliezer (Court of El") is the name of at least three different individuals in the Bible..Although his name is not spelled out in the Bible, but he is only described there as "the servant of Abraham" (Genesis 24:34), Jewish tradition has that this man, who found Rebeccah and facilitated her marriage with Isaac, bore the name Eliezer was Mose's and Zipporah's second son.. His name means "Help of my God" in Hebrew... wish I was a woman of about 36 dressed in black satin with a string of pearls..Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind..Look down there..It's easy, isn't it?..

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