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Arrow Operation Mike

The Flying Saucer 1950..
On 26 January 1950, the Douglas C-54 Skymaster serial number 42-72469 disappeared en route from Alaska to Montana, with 44 people aboard..The aircraft made its last radio contact two hours into its eight-hour flight..The aircraft was part of the First Strategic Support Squadron, Strategic Air Command. out of Biggs AFB, Texas.. In addition to its eight-man crew, it was carrying 36 passengers, including two civilians: a woman and her infant son..The flight was from Anchorage, Alaska to Great Falls, Montana; two hours after its eventual departure it reported it was on-course and had just passed over Snag, Yukon – but there were no further messages..

42-72469, four years before it disappeared..

On 30 January, a C-47, Air Force serial number 45-1015 from the 57th Fighter Wing, that had been participating in the search, stalled and crashed in the McClintoc mountains.. Its crew members were injured, but there were no fatalities; the pilot walked 13 km to the Alaska Highway and flagged down a truck to call in support for his 5–8 crewmates..On 7 February, a C-47D, 45-1037, from Eielson Air Force Base employed on the search by the 5010th Wing, crashed on a mountain slope south of Aisihik Lake.. There were ten crew on board, but there were no fatalities..On 16 February, a Royal Canadian Air Force C-47, KJ-936, crashed near Snag.. Again, its four crew members sustained only light injuries..Later its wreckage would be temporarily mistaken for the missing C-54..

Mike is very skeptical of the flying saucer reports until he spots one flying over the lodge..

The operation was indefinitely suspended on 14 February, as the search planes were needed to investigate the crash of a B-36 that had been carrying, and had dropped, a Fat Man type nuclear weapon, though the core of the weapon in this case was lead..On 20 February, the search was officially cancelled and notifications were sent to next of kin informing them that the passengers were presumed dead..Incidentally, there were two contemporary reports of unidentified flying objects by officers stationed at Elmendorf AFB, the first a week before the disappearance, and the second two days after the disappearance.. On 19 April, Sgt. William Y. Harrell reported from the control tower that he had seen two UFOs hovering over a hangar emitting a green light, a report backed by other soldiers at the base.. Lt. Col. Lester F. Mathison reported seeing three orange cigar-shaped UFOs flying in tandem above the base..It is considered one of the largest groups of American military personnel to ever go missing...'t be so gloomy..After all it's not that awful..I always have a wonderful time, wherever I am, whomever I'm with..In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce?.The cuckoo clock..So long Holly..Well, there's two schools of thought, sir..I've been driving this route for 15 years...
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