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Lightbulb Peas in a Pod

Brian that contains a number of small nuclei..
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Stiff little fingers - Susspect device ..

Put men with toys like guns answer accidents are going to happen LG..I witnessed pure love and gratitude down Andersonstown one day..A young girl dashed out in front of a Pig one stint and was knocked down unconscious. The duty medic risking his own life from the mob that had quickly gathered jumped out of the vehicle which happened to be an ambulance, and quick thinking saved the young girls life..Her hypothalamus was badly bruised due to the knock on the back of her head and her breathing was becomking erratic, but with the aid of a pack of frozen peas that the soldier asked someone to fetch from the shop across the road, the cooling effect helped stop the swelling and she soon regained consciousness again..By now the civilian ambulance arrived and the soldier melted away unknown into history..Iceland historically advertised with the slogan "Mums Love It", which was changed to "Are we doing a deal or are we doing a deal?..

Every Day, road traffic crashes claim nearly 3,500 lives and injure many thousands more..According to the World Health Organization, road traffic Injuries caused an estimated 1.25 million deaths worldwide in the year 2010..That is, one person is killed every 25 seconds - Absolutely no way the serial killer could've gotten past you?.. Se7en to se7en and no relief..You must have cement kidneys..Do you know your blood type? .Yeah..Type O-that's a nice colour..Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight, Will?..I got you written in ink and underlined in blood.. Who loves ya, baby?..'m here of my own free will..One lives in peace..when one is in harmony with one's close friends, when one respects an agreement..None of us is thinking of violence..If you change your mind...

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