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Arrow Co Ed ButCher III

John Doe..
The body of a male aged 11 to 14 was found floating in a pond on May 7, 1972 in Daytona, Volusia County, Florida - Unidentified for 44 years - Play It Again Cole is ambushed by the Pinkerton's agent men, who use a prostitute as bait..

Shoe worn by the Volusia County John Doe..

April 28, 1973...

May 7, 1972 (Sunday) Edmund Kemper, 23, picked up two hitchhiking Fresno State University students, roommates Mary Anne Pesce & Anita Luchessa, drove them to a remote location, murdered them, and then dismembered their bodies.. It was the start of a nearly year-long crime spree as a serial killer..Born in California, Kemper had a turbulent childhood..He moved to Montana with his abusive mother at a young age before returning to California where he murdered his paternal grandparents when he was 15 - The Los Angeles Lakers won their first NBA title since moving to L.A. from Minneapolis, beating the New York Knicks 114–106 in Game 5 - A Fire in Newark New Jersey claimed the lives of three firemen while battling a multiple-alarm fire in an abandoned building that formerly housed a tavern.. Capt. Dominick LaTorre of Engine 12, Capt. Anthony V. Lardiere of Truck 4, and Firefighter Russell Schoemer of Truck 5 all perished when the structure suddenly collapsed and they were buried beneath tons of debris in the basement - And when the bankers succeed in overturning the amnesty by bribing the politicians, Cole travels by train to Minnesota to check out the bank..., you took on the whole Nazi party?.Look, I don't wanna wipe you out..And I don't want you wipin' me out, you know..So, I'm gonna level with you, okay..Now, you see with me its just a matter of time..

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