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Lightbulb Deep Diver

Maurice before his fatal deep dive attempt..
Fargues (April 23, 1913 – September 17, 1947) was a diver with the French Navy and a close associate of commander Philippe Tailliez and deputy commander Jacques Cousteau..In August 1946, Fargues saved the lives of Cousteau and Frédéric Dumas during their dive into the Fountain of Vaucluse.. On September 17, 1947, while attempting to set a new depth record, Maurice Fargues became the first diver to die using an aqualung..On August 27, 1946, the GRS dove into the Fountain of Vaucluse, a mysterious spring in the village of Vaucluse, hoping to discover the secret of its yearly flooding..In September 1947, just before the "Salon Nautique" in Paris, Cousteau insisted to organize a series of deep diving attempts to determine the maximum depth a scuba diver could reach..On September 17, Maurice Fargues made the first deep diving attempt near the French Navy base at Toulon..After three minutes, at a record-setting depth of 120 metres (390 ft), Maurice Fargues stopped signalling.. Nitrogen narcosis or oxygen toxicity had caused him to lose his mouthpiece and drown.. In the words of Jacques Cousteau: "Dumas and I owed our lives to Maurice Fargues, who had resurrected us from the death cave at Vaucluse...

Here & Now..

Jacques Cousteau..

The Thistle oil field is a large oil field in the Northern sector of the North Sea.. The oil field is produced over the Thistle Alpha platform, located 125 nautical miles Northeast of Sumburgh, Shetland Islands and 275 nautical miles Northeast of Aberdeen, Scotland..The installation comprises a steel jacket with four main legs, supporting 36 modules arranged on 3 deck levels..Although the bell was eventually recovered by Wildrake, its two occupants, 32-year-old Richard Arthur Walker and 28-year-old Victor Francis "Skip" Guiel Jr., died of hypothermia..The Last Dive: A Father and Son's Fatal Descent into the Ocean's Depths (2000) is a non-fiction book written by diver Bernie Chowdhury and published by Harper Collins. It documents the fatal dive of Chris Rouse, Sr. and Chris "Chrissy" Rouse, Jr., a father-son team who perished off the New Jersey coast in 1992..The divers were exploring a German U-boat in 230 feet (70 m) of water off the coast of New Jersey..

Johnson Sea Link submersible Length: 23 feet (7.0 m)..

After two years of successful operations, on June 17, 1973 the Johnson Sea Link was launched from Edwin Link's research ship, the Sea Diver, fifteen miles out from Key West, Florida..Robert P. Meek, 27, ichthyologist and pressure physiologist (observer in forward compartment)..The Sea Link Incident was investigated by the US Coast Guard.. Deep Diver was 22 feet long and 8.5 feet tall..It weighed 8.25 tons dry..It allowed one pilot and three observers to dive for a total of 32 man-hours to a depth limit of 1350 feet..The pressure hull was made of steel, 54 inches thick for the pilots' and divers' compartments.. Deep Diver's main hatch was 23 inches in diameter..On February 23, 2012, just off New Britain Island, Cameron successfully took the submersible to the ocean floor at 991 m (3,251 ft), where it made a rendezvous with a yellow remote operated vehicle operated from a ship above... has nothing, nothing at all, to do with your performance, which is exemplary by the way..Now, you've never been on contract, so redundancy, well, it's out of the question....
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