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Arrow Come Spy with Me

Theatrical poster..
U.S. Intelligence assigns Jill Parsons to investigate the mysterious deaths of two secret agents in the Caribbean..The agency fears that the deaths may indicate danger to a meeting of foreign ministers scheduled to be held aboard an aircraft carrier in the area.. Jill infiltrates a local skindiving competition to be held off a charter boat belonging to young Pete Barker.. Meanwhile, the activities of the skindivers are being carefully observed by enemy agent Walter Ludeker, who has been laying highly explosive equipment across the ocean beds.. In an attempt to learn if a U. S. agent is among the divers, he persuades his nephew Larry to enter the competition.. Though another woman, Samantha, is wrongly suspected and kidnaped,Ludeker later realizes that it is Jill he wants, and he abducts her also.. When U. S. Intelligence learns of Jill’s disappearance, they raid Ludeker’s stronghold..Release date January 18, 1967..

Some psychiatrists say it satisfies the desire for power..

January 18 - Jeremy Thorpe becomes leader of the UK's Liberal Party.. At his funeral, at St Margaret's, Westminster on 17 December, the mourners were led by 5 of his successors to the Liberal/Democrat leadership: Steel, Paddy Ashdown, Charles Kennedy, Menzies Campbell & Nick Clegg - Albert DeSalvo is convicted of numerous crimes and sentenced to life in prison..Lingering doubts remain as to whether DeSalvo was indeed the Boston Strangler and whether the real murderer could still be at large.. When he confessed, people who knew him personally did not believe him capable of the crimes..It was also noted that the murder of thirteen women allegedly killed by "The Strangler" were of widely varying ages, social strata and ethnicities, and that their deaths involved inconsistent modi operandi..Hair, chewing gum, cigarette butts and mugs and glasses could all provide an initial DNA sample, and ( for example taken from the trash can) fabricated & planted at crime scenes, scientists warn - The Boston area has long been known as an enclave for the Irish - Capricorn is third and last of the earth signs in the zodiac..But just how Irish is it?..Goat is the symbol for Capricorn, celebrated to observe the day which marks the shift of the sun into ever-lengthening days..

The Bosston Strangler's..

A Fistful of Dollars, the first significant "spaghetti Western" film, is released in the United States..In this seminal film the G-slinger enters a town that is ruled by two outlaw gangs and ordinary social relations are non-existent.. He betrays and plays the gangs against one another..Then he uses his cunning and exceptional weapons skill to assist a family threatened by both gangs..Ivan Luis Zamorano Zamora (born in Santiago) regarded as one of Chile's most recognized footballers -Antrim was born on August 27, 1884 in Chicago, Illinois..By 1906, was working in vaudeville.. During the early 1930s, he moved to Los Angeles and secured uncredited parts in several films, beginning with 1936's Small Town Girl.. For the next two decades, he performed in various credited and uncredited roles - Makar Sankranti, according to the Hindu (14 or 15 Jan) calendar, marks the transition of the sun into the zodiacal sign of Makara (Capricorn) on its celestial path, which is the first change in the zodiac after the winter solstice..County Antrim ) is 1 of 6 counties that form Northern Ireland, situated in the north-east of the island of Ireland... us, we have a date with a gunnery sergeant..We got multiple explosions..We need help down here!.But..I don't belong here...I-I guess everybody says that, don't they?..

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