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Lightbulb Mariana UFO Incident

Sharya Flag ..

Great Falls Voyagers..

1950 Montana & 52 Utah UFO Film (Extended Analysis)..
At 11:25 am on August 15, 1950, Nick Mariana, the general manager of the Great Falls Electrics minor-league baseball team, and his nineteen-year-old secretary, Virginia Raunig, were inspecting the empty Legion Stadium baseball field before a game..The Electrics were a farm club of the Brooklyn Dodgers.. A bright flash caught Mariana's eye and, according to his reports, he saw two bright silvery objects, rotating while flying over Great Falls at a speed he estimated to be 2 to 400 miles per hour..He believed that they were roughly 50 feet wide and 150 feet apart..Mariana ran to his car to retrieve his 16 mm movie camera and filmed the UFOs for 16 seconds..The camera could film the objects in colour, but could not record sound..Raunig also witnessed the objects..The Greek term Ariane (Latin: Ariana) is based upon an Iranian word found in Avestan Airiiana..

The documentary starts in 1947 - UFO Flying Saucers (1956) ..

The Soviet Union's 1949-51 nuclear test series was a group of 3 nuclear tests - 1953 was a group of 5 - 1954 was a group of 10 - 1955 was a group of 7 - 1956 was a group of 9 - 1957 was a group of 16 - 1958 was a group of 36 = 86 / 8+6 = 14..

Great Falls is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base and the 341st Missile Wing. The 341st Operations Group provides the forces to launch, monitor and secure the wing's Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and missile alert facilities (MAF)..These ICBMs and MAFs are dispersed over the largest missile complex in the Western Hemisphere, an area encompassing some 23,000 sq mi (60,000 km2) (approximately the size of the state of West Virginia)..The Gladiators are currently the defending Rocky Mountain Football League champions, recording an 11-0 record and winning the AA division championship at home in Memorial Stadium..The University of Great Falls a private, 4-year Catholic university founded in 1932 by the Sisters of Providence and the Ursuline Sisters..Great Falls has one sister city - Sharya, Russia..., all we have to do is knock a hole in the wall and let the sunshine in..Why don't you knock a hole in your head and let some brains in..I must be psychic..I was just thinking of You & here U are...

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