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Groundhog Day (1993)

The masonic number 33 makes an appearance. The masonic number 39 (13x3) also appears here and in various other scenes during the film.

Look behind the woman. There is a mirror with two pillars either side of it, which is an obvious masonic reference to the two pillars 'Boaz and Jachin' as found in masonic temples. There is also an illuminated lamp which can be seen reflected in the mirror. Haven't we seen this before? After Hours (1985), Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and Neighbors (1981) all have similar scenes which I posted earlier in this topic.

Here we can see the number 9 on the TV camera and two more on the microphone giving us 999 or actually a 'hidden' 666 if you turn it upside down. Check out my earlier post for Scary Movie (2000) which had a very similar scene to this one.

If you wasn't convinced by the previous image then here we get to see the 666 hand sign displayed by the actress Andie MacDowell.

A close-up shot of the masonic number 9 logo on the TV camera reveals a masonic black/white checkered pattern within it.

An orange sun symbol can be seen on the wall, just to remind us that those who control Hollyweird are a bunch of sun-god worshipping religious nutters!

Look at the logo: "THE INNER CIRCLE COMMITTEE". The model groundhog on the right is even wearing a magicians hat, different from the hat it's wearing in the logo. I think that's a nod towards those in the Illuminati's real-life 'inner (magick) circle'. I previously covered Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and Martin (1977) which both have similar references.

Also worth noting: Some 9/11 predictive programming which I have posted here.
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