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They Live (1988)

I thought I would analyse this film a bit deeper than I did in my original post. Did I find anything else? Yep!

Look at the train carriage on the left. The numbers 621 and 812 can be seen. 6+2+1=9 and 8+1+2=11. There are some letters above those numbers: "ATSF". A is the 1st letter of the alphabet, T the 20th, S the 19th and F the 6th. Doing number reduction (1+20+19+6=46=4+6=10=1+0=1) gives us the number 1. So 1 9 11 read backwards gives us the date 11/9/1 or 11/09/01 (using the format DD/MM/YY) which is some blatant predictive programming for the 9/11 disaster. More images of 9/11 predictive programming from this film can be seen in my post here. The "Santa Fe" logo is quite interesting too: the cross inside the circle is similar to the simplified version of the 'Celtic Cross' which is commonly used as a satanic symbol. "Santa" is also an anagram of Satan. Lastly, on the far right, a spiral symbol can be seen which symbolizes rebirth.

Again, we see another train carriage. This time the number 999211 can be seen. Those religious nutters at Hollyweird often hide 666 in plain sight by flipping it upside down as 999.

This image is re-posted from my original post for convenience sake. Look at the books next to Roddy Piper: "Edgar Cayce on ESP", "Two of a Kind: The Hillside Stranglers" and "The Bermuda Triangle". A rather odd selection of titles, don't you think? More interesting is the book at the very top. It's called "Name Your Baby". Seems innocent enough but look closely at the picture on it: you can see some All-Seeing Eye symbolism...

'They Live' reached #1 in the US box office upon release but vanished from theaters after only two weeks. Director John Carpenter, when asked about this, allegedly said that "it must have pissed somebody off". Maybe this film got too close to the truth, perhaps?

Also worth noting: For those of you who haven't yet seen this film then I highly recommend it. If you watch this with the knowledge of how our world is really run then almost everything you see and hear in the film is one big exposé - the truth in plain sight! The 'fight scene' stands out in particular, although very comical, it is actually a metaphor for how hard it is to get other people to see the truth.

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