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Lightbulb Great Gorm

King of Denmark..

The poet Finegas spent se7en years fishing for this salmon..

The first recorded raid on Wales occurred in 852, and we know of attacks by Vikings on Anglesey and Gwynedd from 854 onwards..Rhodri Mawr, ruler of Gwynedd (844-78), led resistance to these early onslaughts..Now the master of much of modern Wales, Rhodri faced pressure both from the English and, increasingly, from Vikings, called the "black gentiles" in the Welsh sources..The Danish are recorded ravaging Anglesey in 854...Rhodri won a notable victory killing the Danish leader Gorm in 855..Gorm was "old" in the sense that he has always been considered the traditional ancestral "head" offa the Danish monarchy..Frequent attacks occurred on the island during the second half of the 10th century on the island; Olaf of Dublin built a castle known as 'Olaf's Castle' or 'Castell Bon y Dom' about the year 1000..Viking contact was certainly hostile and brutal at times, but often opportunist..The nature of Viking settlement in Wales remains one of the mysteries of early medieval archaeology, none more so than on Anglesey..Physical evidence of the Vikings in Wales is even less definite..Certainly, we know that the Vikings were familiar with Anglesey because of the place-names of Scandinavian origin which have been given to prominent coastal features as navigational aids..For a more realistic picture of Viking Wales, we have to turn to archaeology..Most Viking silver (treasure) found in Wales has been discovered in coastal areas..

Wales in the Movies: The Vikings (1958) ..

Rhodri was the son of Merfyn Frych, (the Freckled) who had claimed Gwynedd upon the extinction fa Cunedda's male line..

The city of Swansea was founded by the imperialist Sweyn Forkbeard, King of Denmark, who by 1013 was King of the Danes, Anglo-Saxons and Norwegians.. Swansea is a corruption of the Norse Sweyns Ey, which means "Sweyn's island".. The island refers to the area around the estuary of the river Tawe.. The neighboring Gower Peninsula has some place names of Norse O-rigin (such as Worm's Head; worm is the Norse word for dragon, as the Vikings believed that the serpent-shaped island was a sleeping dragon)..Twenty miles (32 kilometres) west of Cardiff on the Vale of Glamorgan coast is the semi-flooded island of Tusker Rock, which takes its name from Tuska, the Viking who established a settlement in the area..The Bryn Maelgwyn hoard of coins near Llandudno was deposited in the mid-1020s, and may be Viking booty rather than local savings; and a remarkable hoard of 5 complete Viking silver arm rings of were found in the at Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey..It is also close to Castell Mawr Rock, thought to be the site of an Iron Age fort, but today the rock is a protected refuge for nesting seabirds..Shannon ("wise river") is an Irish name, Anglicised from Sionainn.. Strangely Mr Shannon also had 6 stab wounds to his back, while Amanda had ‘defensive wounds’ on her hands and 13 stab wounds, one supposedly inflicted by a corkscrew, to her body, according to Andalucia-based English language newspaper The Olive Press in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar - Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld (October 1921 – 30 March 2015) was a Dutch astronomer..By eating the fruit or one of the salmon, one can share in this wisdom..

The Norman invasion of Wales began shortly after the Norman conquest of England under William the Conqueror, who believed England to be his birthright..It was not William's intention to invade Wales also, but Welsh attacks under King Gruffudd ap Llywelyn, unifier of Wales, against the Normans in England, beginning in the years prior to the main Norman invasion in 1066, eventually forced William's hand.. Initially (1067–1081), the invasion of Wales was not undertaken with the fervor and purpose of the invasion of England..It took some time for the Normans to concentrate any level of might against the Welsh, however, as they were more concerned, in the aftermath of Hastings, with England and Normandy.. In addition, it was not William’s goal to conquer Wales; he had come to inherit what he believed to be his birthright, the English throne, which entailed taking on the responsibilities of Edward and the Anglo-Saxon kings, including their relationships with Wales and Scotland..However, Wales had begun to force the matter, supporting English rebellions against the Normans..Nonetheless, the Normans pressed on..The name of Normandy itself denotes the Viking origin.. After their settlement when it became known as "northMania" or Land of The Norsemen - Gene banks are a type of biorepository which preserve genetic material in Rome Priest... could change into any one of them at any time..Very well, let the old fellow come now..He shall find me on my feet sword in hand..Do you think he's changed into one of those Things?..

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