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Lightbulb Llywelyn the Great

With his sons Gruffydd & Dafydd..

Llewellyn + Ghosts..

Llywelyn was born about 1173, the son of Iorwerth ap Owain and the grandson of Owain Gwynedd, who had been ruler of Gwynedd until his death in 1170.. Llywelyn was a descendant of the senior line of Rhodri Mawr and therefore a member of the princely house of Gwynedd..He was probably born at Dolwyddelan, though not in the present Dolwyddelan castle, which was built by Llywelyn himself..He may have been born in the old castle which occupied a rocky knoll on the valley floor.. Little is known about his father, Iorwerth Drwyndwn, who died when Llywelyn was an infant..There is no record of Iorwerth having taken part in the power struggle between some of Owain Gwynedd's other sons following Owain's death, although he was the eldest surviving son.. There is a tradition that he was disabled or disfigured in some way that excluded him from power..Llywelyn's mother was Marared, occasionally anglicised to Margaret, daughter of Madog ap Maredudd, prince of Powys.,Wales was divided into Pura Wallia, the areas ruled by the Welsh princes, and Marchia Wallia, ruled by the Anglo-Norman barons..In his later years Llywelyn devoted much effort to ensuring that his only legitimate son Dafydd would follow him as ruler of Gwynedd and amended Welsh law as followed in Gwynedd..Llywelyn dominated Wales for more than 40 years, and was one of only two Welsh rulers to be called "the Great", the other being his ancestor Rhodri the Great..Joan died in 1237 and Llywelyn appears to have suffered a paralytic stroke the same year.. From this time on, his heir Dafydd took an increasing part in the rule of the principality.. Dafydd deprived his half-brother Gruffydd of the lands given him by Llywelyn, and later seized him and his eldest son Owain and held them in Criccieth Castle..( Castell Cricieth) is a native Welsh castle situated on the headland between two beaches in Criccieth, Gwynedd, in North Wales, on a rocky peninsula overlooking Tremadog Bay..A Motte and bailey stood at a different site in Criccieth before the masonry castle was built..Criccieth was also one of several locations Romantic artist Joseph Mallord William Turner used for his famous series of paintings depicting shipwrecked mariners..

The remains of the great gatehouse at the Castle..

Dafydd ap Llywelyn (c. March 1212 – 25 February 1246) was Prince of Gwynedd from 1240 to 1246..He was the first ruler to claim the title Prince of Wales..Though birth years of 1208, 1206, and 1215 have been put forward for Dafydd, it has recently been persuasively argued that he was born shortly after Easter 1212..Born at Castell Hen Blas, Coleshill, Bagillt in Flintshire, he was the only son of Llywelyn the Great by his wife, Joan (daughter of King John of England)..Dafydd succeeded Llywelyn as prince of Gwynedd, but King Henry was not prepared to allow him to inherit his father's position in the remainder of Wales.. Dafydd was forced to agree to a treaty greatly restricting his power and was also obliged to hand his half-brother Gruffydd over to the king, who now had the option of using him against Dafydd.. Gruffydd was killed attempting to escape from the Tower of London in 1244..The window from which he attempted to escape the Tower was bricked up and can still be seen to this day..This left the field clear for Dafydd, but Dafydd himself died without issue in 1246 and was eventually succeeded by his nephew, Gruffydd's son, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, was the second of the four sons of Gruffudd, the eldest son of Llywelyn the Great, and Senana ferch Caradog, the daughter of Caradoc ap Thomas ap Rhodri, Lord of Anglesey..Llywelyn and Owain came to terms with King Henry and in 1247, signed the Treaty of Woodstock at Woodstock Palace..The terms they were forced to accept restricted them to Gwynedd Uwch Conwy, the part of Gwynedd west of the River Conwy, which was divided between them..Gwynedd Is Conwy, east of the river, was taken over by King Henry... wasn't an especially charismatic or commanding individual, but what he lacked in personality he emphatically made up for in diligence, of course I don't have the benefit of your experience...
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