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Neighbors (1981)

Dan Aykroyd (left) and John Belushi (right) are having a conversation. Aykroyd then picks up a random book (from the bookcase) which just happens to be one with a Nazi swastika symbol on it. He briefly flicks through the book and then finally holds it up in full view of the camera. The swastika is being deliberately shown off. How blatant. Not one word is mentioned about the book between the two characters. You will find that a lot of Hollywood films use any excuse to display Nazi symbolism, usually the swastika. Why? I'll give you a hint: Operation Paperclip.

Bottom right, a butterfly symbol can be seen on the tissue dispenser. A hint that John Belushi was a Monarch mind control slave to the Illuminati? Most likely, yes. Also note the reflection of the light from one of the lamps next to the mirror on the wall, which is a masonic reference.

Another German Nazi symbol the 'Iron Cross' is blatantly on display here. This time on a RC plane. It's worth noting that Aykroyd had blonde hair and blue eyes for this film. Didn't Illuminati-controlled Adolf Hitler have a thing for a 'perfect' race of people with blonde hair and blue eyes?

The poster on the door next to John Belushi is for the 1980 rockumentary film D.O.A.: A Right of Passage directed by Lech Kowalski. DOA is often an acronym for 'dead on arrival' or 'Dead or Alive'. Look at the light switch to the right of the door: there's a question mark sticker stuck to it. Off or on? Dead or Alive? Were the satanic Hollywood "Star Whackers" planning to kill John Belushi?

In this scene there's a TV commercial playing in the background for "Spruce Hill Memorial Chapels". John Belushi is actually watching the commercial and then gets up to leave the room. As he is walking through the archway (which is a masonic reference) you can hear "Visit Spruce Hill's above ground display chamber, the time to choose your case is now." which seems to be another hint towards the death/murder of John Belushi.

Right near the end of the film we get to see three buildings collapsing on the TV screen. The three World Trade Center buildings (WTC 1/2/7) spring to mind. Looks like this is some 9/11 predictive programming. The TV channel is set to number 5 too: death/rebirth.

There are also some subtle Native American references throughout the film. In particular, look out for the books "Sitting Bull: Champion of the Sioux" by Stanley Vestal and "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West" by Dee Brown, which both hint at the forced displacement and years of warfare waged by the United States federal government against the Native American people. These Native American references combined with the German Nazi references and the 9/11 predictive programming are basically telling us how they (the Illuminati) have taken over the USA in the past and how they are currently enforcing their New World Order for a 'One World' government in the future. If you pay close attention to how these references are metaphorically applied to the main characters and to the plot of the film you will see how this NWO takeover theme is subliminally apparent.

This was John Belushi's last film before he died on Friday 5th March 1982 (aged 33) just 77 days after the film was released on Friday 18th December 1981. Belushi was raised in the Albanian Orthodox Church and his wife arranged for a traditional Orthodox Christian funeral which was conducted by an Albanian Orthodox priest. As I've mentioned in my previous posts, the satanic Illuminati hate Christians. So, was he murdered/sacrificed by the Illuminati? Yes.
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