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Arrow Royal Engineers

Peter Baptizing the Centurion Cornelius..
Cornelius was a centurion in the Cohors II Italica Civium Romanorum, mentioned as Cohors Italica in the Vulgate..He was stationed in Caesarea, the capital of Roman Iudaea province..He is depicted in the New Testament as a God-fearing man who always prayed and was full of good works and deeds of alms..Cornelius was the first Gentile converted to Christianity..His feast day on the General Roman Calendar is 2 February..He is commemorated in the Orthodox tradition on 13 September..Most historians believe maize was domesticated in the Tehuacan Valley of Mexico..

Badge of the UK Royal Engineers..

9 Parachute Squadron RE, is an airborne detachment of the Royal Engineers, part of the British Army..The squadron's history goes back to 1787, when the Chatham Company of " 'Royall Military Artificers' " was raised at Chatham, which, in 1806, was numbered 9 Field Company in Gibraltar..The next hundred years of the squadron's history is rather meagre, but it is known to have served in the Kaffir Wars, the Crimean War, Bermuda, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Hong Kong..The unit's first airborne operation was in Norway in 1942 when they were sent to destroy a heavy water plant..However, both gliders crash landed, and the few survivors were executed by the Gestapo..In September 44 the company took part in Operation Market Garden..The squadron had a difficult time in Palestine, being sent to clear the King David Hotel in Jerusalem after a horrific bomb attack..In Palestine the squadron lost three men killed in action..In April 1982, the squadron embarked for the Falkland Islands as part of 5 Infantry Brigade..After the Falklands War, the squadron had tours in Belize, Kenya, the Falklands and Canada..Oz..He was in the Falklands with me..They find work on a German building site in Düsseldorf but despite promises of hostel accommodation, are forced to live in a small hut that reminds them of a POW camp..The second series of 13 episodes in 1986 saw the boys reunited, initially to help Barry complete extensive building work on his new home in Wolverhampton..After six weeks of intense training, the squadron provided the guard for Buckingham Palace, St. James's Palace and for the Tower of London..Trooper Steven John "Legs" Lane, MM (posthumous) former Lance Corporal of 9 Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers and former Parachute Regiment..Died of hypothermia during action, 27 January 1991..Between April – October 2000, the squadron deployed on another tour to Northern Ireland, carrying out various tasks across the province and dismantling the famous golf towers of South Armagh..Naylor Road is an island platformed Washington Metro station in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland, US..The station was opened on January 13, 2001..December 2001 saw a very quick deployment to Afghanistan, having only just returned from Macedonia..The boys then move on to Laos and later Thailand, where Barry's Russian ex-wife, Tatiana turns up to announce that she is carrying his child following a brief "reconciliation" back in UK..The squadron remains the longest continually serving in-role fighting unit in Airborne Forces..

You buy any of this Blair?..

The Robe is a 1953 American Biblical epic film that tells the story of a Roman military tribune who commands the unit that crucifies Jesus..

Ernest Borgnine (born Ermes Effron Borgnino) was an American film, TV, character and voice actor whose career spanned more than six decades..Relics that are claimed to be the Holy Nails with which Christ was crucified are objects of veneration among some Christians, i.e., among Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox..3 Nails, nailed in 3 Men = Niall of the Nine Hostages...The O'Neill dynasty (Ui Néill means 'descended from Niall') is an historical certainty..According to legend, Niall was a warrior king at a time when Ireland was divided into many kingdoms and a heirarchy of kingship existed..Niall's legendary military skill was on a par with his sexual prowess..In modern parlance, he put it about..The Lamonts & MacNeils/McNeills both claim descent from the same O'Neill who settled in Scotland in the Middle Ages..The chiefs of Clan MacNeil, are reckoned from Niall Noigíallach, from whom all the MacNeil chiefs claim descent..Lóegaire (floruit 5th century) (died c. 462), also Lóeguire, is said to have been a son of Niall of the Nine Hostages..The Irish annals and king lists include him as a King of Tara or High King of Ireland..The term Kingship of Tara was a title of authority in ancient Ireland..Within Tibetan Buddhism Tara is regarded as a Bodhisattva of compassion & action..Nails are similar to claws in other animals..The lunula ("small moon") is the visible part of the matrix, the whitish crescent-shaped base of the visible nail..In humans, it appears by week 14 of gestation..One of the nails is said to have come to rest in the Iron Crown of Lombardy..The crown became one of the symbols of the Kingdom of the Lombards and later of the medieval Kingdom of Italy..We're prisoners on an alien ship..Perhaps your visual subroutines are malfunctioning.. Never play 'hard to get' with a hologram...'s ready..Bomber's away!.You are 300 light years from your precious planet..Your loved ones are dead and forgotten for 20 centuries..Aye Bomber..Unstoppable..Clue me in on something, will you?.Why did you sign on for this trip?.You volunteered..Why?..It wasn't a particularly good watch, was it?..The suspense is killing us...
__________________ + Aga Khan IV receiving a gift of Trinitite...The group vied for control of the ghetto with the Judenrat, and infiltrated the opposition within the ghetto, because the EU had handed control to “an unelected set of bankers”..I dread to think what the future will bring, when we're living in real gangster time's..Get set for EU knee pads at Argos...

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