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Just in November 2016 (born October 21, 1956) Carrie Fisher published a book in which she describes a 3 month sexual affair with Harrison Ford, starting May, 1976 when they were filming Star Wars. Fisher was just 19 years and Harrison Ford 33/34.
It is apparently very dangerous to tell about the sexual misbehaviour of Harrison Ford. Just last November Fisher revealed their affair during the filming of the first episode of Star Wars. She is now held in intensive care:
Not only did Carrie Fisher die (official because of cardiac arrest), last December 27, but her mother – Debbie Reynolds – died a day later (December 28):
Debbie Reynolds was an actress herself, most famous for starring in “Singing in the rain” in 1952 (with Gene Kelly). Here’s a photograph of Reynolds and Fisher in 2015.

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Nobody can become a famous movie star without the help of powerful Hollywood moguls.
All of these famous actors have provided favours to the powers that be. A lot of them have provided sexual favours to get in the game. When (adult) wannabees offer their body to get a nice role in a movie this is not legally wrong.
This is called the “casting couch”:

Arguably the most famous child star of the 20th century is Shirley Temple.
In her memoir “Child Star” (1988), Shirley Temple describes that legendary producer Arthur Freed exposed himself to her in 1940/1941 when she was just 11. She didn’t get the role of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”. This is an excerpt from the book:
“I have something made for just you,” he continued, fumbling in his lap. “You’ll be my new star!” That phrase had last been used when I was three years old in Kid in Hollywood [one of Temple’s early shorts].
Obviously, Freed did not believe in preliminaries. With his face gaped in a smile, he stood up abruptly and executed a bizarre flourish of clothing. Having thought of him as a producer rather than an exhibitor, I sat bolt upright . . . Not twelve years old, I still had little appreciation for masculine versatility and so dramatic was the leap between schoolgirl speculation and Freed’s bedazzling exposure that I reacted with nervous laughter.
Disdain or terror he might have expected, but not the insult of humor.
“Get out!” he shouted, unmindful of his disarray, imperiously pointing to the closed door. “Go on, get out!”
” -

The French actress Julie Delpy, began acting as a teenager, and in the 1990s tried to expose the casting couch culture: "In France, when I started talking about the fact that at 13, people would hit on me — which I think is pedophilia — people were like, 'Who do you think you are?'?”Delpy says.”It destroyed my career. It destroyed it. The press was against me, saying I was a bitch, basically, a horrible person to dare to accuse these directors of being bad for wanting to have sex with a 12-year-old. That was the time, you know: '80s France."
Besides that Delpy told that she “once fought off the amorous advances of a leery casting director by smashing an ashtray over his head”:

The most interesting of these stories is Ben Fellows that as a child actor needed protection against the male paedophiles in the acting business. He also tells that he was given drugs and alcohol when he was very young. He was offered for sex by his agent Sylvia Young.
I just don’t know if Fellows is telling the truth. My problem with his story is that he has named foreign actors like Tom Cruise and Dolph Lundgren. While this is not impossible, I would expect that (if his story is true) he would name mostly British actors. Fellows also named a famous star on Dynasty that was also a big star on the BBC.
What further hampers his credibility is that he doesn’t describe any incident in detail where he was sexually abused. He describes 2 incidents in detail where he wasn’t allowed to leave the room, was groped and his penis touched through his pants. He claims that Tom Cruise sexually abused an underage boy in another room (so he admits he didn’t see anything happening).
According to the following Fellows is a liar:

Fellows has told his story to the police, that didn’t do anything against the paedophile ring, while the reporter Jack Malvern of the Times newspaper of Rupert Murdoch in October 2012 interviewed him to NOT publish the story. Fellows claims that the BBC paedophile he named stopped the article from coming out, because this was the new star of SKY Television (of Murdoch).
Fellows has testified that he was sexually abused by Member of Parliament Kenneth Clarke (at the time Chancellor of the Exchequer) when he was 14. According to the Daily Mail he was 19 at the time; if the Daily Mail is right (but how could they know?) this makes Fellows look very unreliable.
Ben Fellows also named publicist Max Clifford who was arrested in 2012 and convicted in 2014 to 8 years in prison for sexually abusing a large amount of underage girls. If Fellows accused Clifford before this became public knowledge, this would make his story more credible:

In the following video Bill Maloney interviews Ben Fellows on May 28, 2013, besides the already named mentioned perpetrators, he also names Peter Stringfellow and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Ben Fellows agrees to take a lie detector test on his accusations:
Fellows also names Prince Charles and (then Prime Minister) David Cameron as part of the cover-up.
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