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Lightbulb ISaiah 44

Jacob tells Richard what's up!..

After Passover in 44, Agrippa went to Caesarea, where he had games performed in honor of Claudius..
But now listen, Jacob, my servant, Israel, whom I have chosen..The idea of testing the implosion device was brought up in discussions at Los Alamos in January 1944, and attracted enough support for Oppenheimer to approach Groves.. Groves gave approval, but he had concerns.. Ramsey reported back in February 1944, proposing a small-scale test in which the explosion was limited in size by reducing the number of generations of chain reactions, and that it take place inside a sealed containment vessel from which the plutonium could be recovered.. In March 1944, he obtained Groves's tentative approval for testing a full-scale explosion inside a containment vessel, although Groves was still worried about how he would explain the loss of a billion dollars worth of plutonium to a Senate Committee in the event of a failure..The term "Gadget" was a laboratory euphemism for a bomb, from which the laboratory's weapon physics division, "G Division", took its name in August 1944..Safety & security required a remote, isolated & unpopulated area..The scientists also wanted a flat area to minimize secondary effects of the blast, and with little wind to spread radioactive fallout..(33.6773-N 106.4754-W)..Lieutenant Bush's 12-man military police unit arrived at the site from Los Alamos on December 30, 1944....

Into The Void Black Sabbath..

Now we are all sons of bitches..

In August 1945, shortly after the bombing of Hiroshima, the Kodak Company observed spotting and fogging on their film..A hot spot of fallout contaminated the river water that the paper mill in Indiana used to manufacture the cardboard pulp from corn husks in botany is the outer shell or coating of a seed..The 55 kept the horrendous back locking system of the 44 and 33..Alas, Perfex low cost dreams did not fair well in the market place either, and the proud but wiser partners sold out, yet another sad story in the big windy city..Scandium-44..

The W44 nuclear depth charge entered service in 1961..(onboard Knox-class destroyer escorts (frigates)) or a variation of the Tartar missile in limited distribution..The UUM-44 SUBROC (SUBmarine ROCket) was a type of submarine-launched rocket deployed by the US Navy as an anti-submarine weapon.. It carried a 5 kiloton nuclear warhead..SUBROC could be launched from a 21 inch submarine torpedo tube, which had a full two-stage yield estimated at 202 kilotons..W55 and W58 warheads shared a common primary or fission first stage, and that this design was nicknamed the Klinglet primary by Hansen in 2001..Sometimes closed cities may only be represented on classified maps which are not available to the general public..There are currently 44 publicly acknowledged closed cities in Russia with a total population of about 1.5 million people..They may be sensitive military establishments or secret research installations which require much more space or freedom than is available in a conventional military base..Nearly 370 farms in Britain are still restricted in the way they use land and rear sheep because of radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident 23 years ago, the government has admitted and 4,225,000 sheep were under restriction across the Klingdome... once wrote, "Hell is the impossibility of reason."..That's what this place feels like..Hell.. Bob, I got a bad feeling on this one, all right?.I mean, I got a bad feeling..You understand what I'm saying to you?..Everybody got to dye sometime, Red..Hey, but don't you worry, Bunny, 'cause you's a killer anyway, man...

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