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Arrow The Ways of Zion Do Mourn

Columbia - Note that the title is hand-written..

Handel: Israel in Egypt (Exodus)..
The ways of Zion do mourn / Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline, HWV 264, is an anthem composed by George Frideric Handel..It was first performed at the funeral of the Queen at Westminster Abbey on 17 December 1737.. The theme of the first chorus was taken by Mozart as the theme for the Requiem aeternam movement of his Requiem Mass..The ways of Zion do mourn and she is in bitterness..(Lamentations 1:4); all her people sigh (Lamentations 1:11) and hang down their heads to the ground..The righteous perishes are the words with which the 57th chapter of the Book of Isaiah starts.. In Christianity Isaiah 57:1–2 is associated with the death of Christ, leading to liturgical use of the text at Tenebrae.. More generally, the text is associated with the death of loved ones and is used at burials.."Ecce quomodo moritur justus" (See how the just dies), is based on this text..As such, and in other versions and translations, the Bible excerpt has been set to music..The Episcopal Church provides a single Tenebrae service on Wednesday evening, the day before Maundy Thorsday..

The Crossing of The Red Sea by Nicolas Poussin..

For a long time, the earliest known recording of music known to still exist was an excerpt from this oratorio conducted by August Manns..The recording was of several thousand singers singing "Moses and the Children of Israel" in the Crystal Palace Handel Festival of June 29, 1888, recorded by Col. George Gouraud on Edison's yellow paraffin cylinder.. The limitations of recording technology at that time, together with the number of voices, the distance of the recording device from the singers and the acoustics of the Crystal Palace, mean that the recorded sound was dim to begin with, and it has since then become badly degraded..What survives is barely audible but still identifiable by ear, and gives some insight into performance practices at the height of the Handel Festival phenomenon/June 30 – The Marine Biological Association of theUK opens its laboratory on Plymouth Hoe..Born in Bristol, Archibald Vivian Hill was educated at Blundell's School and graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge as third wrangler in the mathematics tripos before turning to physiology..Many of the representatives of science and commerce present had different views to Huxley..Until the early 17th century large outline images of the giants Gog & Magog (Goemagot & Corineus) had for a long time been cut into the turf of the Hoe exposing the white limestone beneath..Plymouth Hoe is perhaps best known for the probably apocryphal story that Sir Francis Drake played his famous game of bowls here in 1588 while waiting for the tide to change before sailing out with the English fleet to engage with the Spanish Armada..From 1880 there was a popular bandstand on the Hoe..

Moses Parts the Sea - The 10 Commandments - You Will Be My Wife ..

Part One - The Israelites mourn the death of Joseph, Israelite and favoured adviser to Pharaoh, King of Egypt/Part Two - An announcement is made that a new Pharaoh has come to the throne who does not look kindly on the Israelites.. God chooses Moses to lead his people out of bondage..A series of plagues falls on Egypt, the rivers turn to blood; a plague of frogs affects the land; blotches & blisters break out on the skin of cattle and people; flies & lice swarm everywhere; locusts appear and destroy all the crops; hailstorms blight the country;a palpable darkness descends; and, finally, the eldest born sons of all the Egyptians are struck down dead..The ruler of Egypt agrees to let the Israelites depart, but changes his mind and pursues them..The Red Sea miraculously parts to let the Israelites cross in safety, but when the pursuing Egyptians try to cross, the waters engulf them and they are drowned\Part Three - The Israelites celebrate their deliverance..You can't get blood out of a stone... evening ladies and gentlemen in radioland..Sometimes I wonder what we're doing here..It isn't as splashy as some other places, but we pride ourselves on being a little classier...

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