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Arrow Experiments in Time

The Montauk Project..

Teaser poster..

Montauk Chronicles is the story of three men who claim that between 1971 and 83 secret experiments were conducted deep beneath the surface of the Camp Hero Air Force base..Sometime in the 50's, surviving researchers from the original Project Rainbow began to discuss the project with an eye to continuing the research into technical aspects of manipulating the electromagnetic bottle, and the reasons and possible military applications of the psychological effects of the magnetic field..A report was supposedly prepared and presented to the US Congress, and was soundly rejected as far too dangerous..So a proposal was made directly to the US Department of Defense promising a powerful new weapon that could drive an enemy insane, inducing the symptoms of schizophrenia at the touch of a button..Without Congressional approval, the project would have to be top secret and secretly funded..The Department of Defense approved..Funding supposedly came from a cache of USD $10 billion in Nazi gold recovered from a train found by U.S. soldiers in a train tunnel in France.. The train was blown up and all the soldiers involved were killed.. When those funds ran out, additional funding was secured from ITT and Krupp AG in Germany..Work was begun at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, New York under the name Phoenix Project, but it was soon realized that the project required a large radar dish, and installing one at Brookhaven would compromise the security of the project..Equipment was moved to Camp Hero at the Montauk base in the late 60's, and installed in an underground bunker beneath the base...

Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii Saucerful of Secrets ..

Experiments began in earnest in the early 70s and during this time one, some or all of the following are claimed to have occurred at the site..Some reports have the facility extending under the town of Montauk itself..Homeless people were abducted and subjected to huge amounts of electromagnetic radiation..Few survived..People had their psychic abilities enhanced to the point where they could materialize objects out of thin air..Experiments were conducted in teleportation..A "porthole in time" was created which allowed researchers to travel anywhere in time or space.. This was developed into a stable "Time Tunnel"..Contact was made with alien extraterrestrials through the Tunnel and technology was exchanged with them which enhanced the project..An alien traveled through the time tunnel, destroyed equipment & devoured researchers..Von Neumann had supposedly worked on the original Philadelphia Experiment, but the U.S. Navy denies this..Metahumans and experiments in special serums to create such individuals were tested there..Mind control experiments were conducted and runaway boys were abducted and brought out to the base where they underwent excruciating periods of both physical and mental torture in order to break their minds, then their minds were re-programmed..You're the sun & the moon to me..

Band of Brothers - Why We Fight? + Gravity's Rainbow..

The site known as Camp Hero, or the Montauk Air Force Station, was originally commissioned by the U.S. Army in 1942 also used as a training facility and a target range, with guns being fired at offshore targets..To protect it from enemy bombers and the prying eyes of Nazi spies in fishing boats, the entire base was built to look like a typical New England fishing village.. Concrete bunkers had windows painted on them and ornamental roofs with fake dormers.. The gymnasium was made to look like a church with a faux steeple, and its location was chosen to prevent a potential invasion of New York from the sea..Montauk was the operational parent station for Texas Tower 3 (TT-3) offshore in the Atlantic Ocean..In December 1960 the large, high-power AN/FPS-35 radar became operational at Montauk.. On 31 July 1963, the site was redesignated as NORAD ID Z-45..In addition to the main facility, Montauk AFS operated 2 unmanned AN/FPS-14 Gap Filler sites..The Montauk installation was shut down on January 31, 1981..Considering its size, removing the huge antenna was problematic at best so it was "abandoned in place", with its controlling motors and electronics removed, allowing it to move with the wind to prevent it being torn off its base in a storm.. A GATR (Ground Air Transmitter Receiver) facility remained in service to direct military aircraft operating within the region..This system was deactivated and removed in 1984..The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension..Moonshine was the code-name for ARI TR1427, Airborne Radio Installation Transmitter Receiver.. The sun & the Moon... do we know?..They're this energy that can manifest itself in different ways: as the beings we've seen, as their crafts, as our thoughts..We all like to think that we have some control over the events in our lives, and a lot of the time we can fool ourselves into thinking that we really are in charge.. But then something happens to remind us that the world runs by its own rules and not ours and that we're just along for the ride..And so our greatest experiment began..Everyday and twice on Sundays...

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