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Arrow Hello T'Jane

Unidentified victim of homicide..

Theatrical Poster for The Boogeyman..
Multiple people, all of whom are now deceased, reported seeing a teenage girl, matching the victim's description, including the manager of the South End Gulf station & 2 employees at the Hitch 'n' Post truck stop, who described her as wearing jeans, a dirty yellow pullover, & a white knit sweater that had noticeably large pockets that went past her waist, carrying red sandals..The witness at the second location said the victim asked for directions to the Ellis Prison Farm, which is located about 14 miles (23 km) from where her body was later found..She was reportedly dropped off at the first location at around 6:30 PM by a man driving a blue 1973 or 74 Chevrolet Caprice with a lighter-colored top..After getting directions, the girl left on foot..A waitress from the truck stop also believed that she had spoken to the victim.. The girl had arrived at the location and requested directions to the prison, claiming a "friend" was there and the witness drew a map to the location..The waitress said that she suspected the girl was a possible runaway, and that she said she was from Rockport or Aransas Pass, Texas.. The victim claimed to be 19 years old; when the waitress expressed doubts and asked if the victim's parents knew where she was, the girl replied, "Who cares?"..Slade Smashes was a compilation LP by the British glam/hard rock group Slade..It was released 1 November 1980 and reached number 21 on the UK charts...

Yellow EP Gang of 4 EP released in 1980 by Warner Bros..

Track 20 - Gudbuy T'Jane (1972)..

The body of a girl estimated to be between the ages of 14 and 20 was found laying face-down and nude by a passing driver, in Huntsville, Walker County, Texas on Interstate Highway 45..The motorist, who was a trucker, called police at 9:20 AM at the location, where officers later arrived..The victim had been dead for around six hours, placing time of death at about 3:00 AM; the cause of death was ligature strangulation with pantyhose, fragments of which had been lodged in the vaginal cavity, along with her underwear.. The presence of the pantyhose and underwear that had been forced into the victim's body was likely done in order to prevent the body from bleeding while it was being transported..She had also been severely beaten, had a visible bite mark on her right shoulder, and had been sexually assaulted with a large blunt instrument in both lower body cavities..It is unknown if she had been raped, as there was no biological evidence at the scene..The beating that the girl had suffered was severe, as many bruises were noted across her body and her lips and right eyelids were swollen..She was between 5 feet and 5 feet 5 inches in height and was about 105 to 115 pounds..Her eyes were a hazel color and her hair was a light brown color, described to be having a reddish tint with about a 10-inch length..She had the distinct feature of a scar above her right eyebrow and her right nipple was inverted..Inmates along with staff members at the Ellis Prison Farm were shown photos of the victim, but none could identify her..

Notice the Pyramid Shape ..

Aerial photograph of the Ellis and Estelle units, March 8, 1989, U.S. Geological Survey..

There is a possibility that she may have been killed by the same person as another unidentified victim, known as "Orange Socks", who was murdered exactly a year before and found in Georgetown, Texas..Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas has also been named as a possible suspect in this case.. However, the bite marks on the girl's shoulder could not be matched to Lucas' dental charts..No prime suspects have been named, although police have considered the possibility that the victim was killed by a serial killer...Some have theorized that the girl may have actually been murdered by a female..Further into the investigation, DNA testing, with undisclosed results, was performed on the sandals found with the body..Investigators have also reached out to the public through various news and TV reports in hopes to generate leads, all of which to date, have been unsuccessful in solving the case..On January 16, 1981, the body was buried at Oakwood Cemetery, located in the town she was found, under a donated tombstone..In November 2015, the case was officially reopened by the sheriff's office... you gon' do about Abraham?..I guess I wish it was different..They will pay...with rivers of blood!..Now why do you wanna go and do that?..But a wish is only a wish.. You are marked for darth..wherever you go!..Look, why don't you just leave him be..I mean, all he knows is this place..You cannot escape the...Shogun!..

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