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Arrow Moo at the Moon

Ninsun, mother of Gilgamesh..
Ningal ("Great Lady/Queen") was a goddess of reeds in the Sumerian mythology, daughter of Enki and Ningikurga and the consort of the moon god Nanna by whom she bore Utu the sun god, Inanna, and in some texts, Ishkur.. She is chiefly recognised at Ur, and was probably first worshipped by cow-herders in the marsh lands of southern Mesopotamia..Hadad was the storm and rain god in the Northwest Semitic and ancient Mesopotamian religious texts, Ba‘al/Hadad is the lord of the sky who governs the rain and thus the germination of plants with the power of his desire that they be fertile..The Biblical reference occurs at a time when Yahweh has provided a strong east wind (cf. Exodus 14:21,22) to push back the waters of the Red or Erythrian Sea, so that the sons of Israel might cross over..

Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii - Set the Controls for the of the Sun..

Utu is the god of the sun, justice, application of law, and the lord of truth.. He is usually depicted as wearing a horned helmet and carrying a saw-edged weapon not unlike a pruning saw.. It is thought that every day, Utu emerges from a mountain in the east, symbolizing dawn, and travels either via chariot or boat across the Earth, returning to a hole in a mountain in the west, symbolizing sunset.. Every night, Utu descends into the underworld to decide the fate of the dead.. He is also depicted as carrying a mace, and standing with one foot on a mountain..Its symbol is "sun rays from the shoulders, and or sun disk or a saw"..The sun god is only modestly mentioned in Sumerian mythology with one of the notable exceptions being the Epic of Gilgamesh.. In the myth, Gilgamesh seeks to establish his name with the assistance of Utu, because of his connection with the cedar mountain..Marduk is spelled dAMAR.UTU in Sumerian, literally, "the calf of Utu" or "the young bull of the Sun"..Ninsun is called "Rimat-Ninsun", the "August cow", the "Wild Cow of the Enclosure", and "The Great Queen"..Ninsun was originally named Nininsina, according to Pabilsag's journey to Nibru.. According to the ancient Babylonian text, Nininsina wedded Pabilsag near a riverbank.. By Pabilsag she bore Damu, the god of vegetation and rebirth in Sumerian mythology..Her parents are the deities Anu..Ninurta also was apparently called Uras in later times..

The 10 Commandments - TutMoses Turns Water Into Blood (1956) HD ..

Inanna was the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, & warfare, and goddess of the E-Anna temple at the city of Uruk, her main centre..Inanna was the most prominent female deity in ancient Mesopotamia..As early as the Uruk period (ca. 4000–3100 BC), Inanna was associated with the city of Uruk.. The famous Uruk Vase (found in a deposit of cult objects of the Uruk III period) depicts a row of naked men carrying various objects, bowls, vessels, and baskets of farm products, and bringing sheep & goats, to a female figure facing the ruler..This figure was ornately dressed for a divine marriage, and attended by a servant..The mythos of Inanna's assumption of the "me" from Enki, has been interpreted as a late insertion of the Goddess into the Sumerian pantheon..Inanna's name derives from Lady of Heaven..Along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were many shrines and temples dedicated to Inanna's symbol is an 8-pointed star or a rosette..She was associated with lions, and was frequently depicted standing on the backs of 2 lionesses.. Her cuneiform ideogram was a hook-shaped twisted knot of reeds, representing the doorpost of the storehouse (and thus fertility and plenty)..It also is believed that in many myths, including Inanna's Descent to the Underworld & Inanna & Shukaletuda, her movements correspond with the movements of Venus in the sky..She also is one of the Sumerian war deities: "She stirs confusion and chaos against those who are disobedient to her, speeding carnage and inciting the devastating flood, clothed in terrifying radiance.. It is her game to speed conflict and battle, untiring, strapping on her sandals"..Battle itself is sometimes referred to as "the dance of Inanna"... wouldn't want them to think I was dwelling on anything morbid..I thought you might be curious to find our if you're smarter than the person I'm looking for..Now I'll bet it has his home address there...

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