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Cadbury's Flake Killer

Originally Posted by roastpotatoes View Post

"Cadbury's Flake Killer"


"Cadbury's FAKE killer"

The Yorkshire Post and others had the first title, but they have since changed the headline to

"MP Jo Cox ‘tried to crawl away from killer in West Yorkshire street."

"Man ate Cadbury's Flake before plotting murder of Jo Cox' court told".

Wrapper found in a bin to my knowledge!

Why is there "not for?" on the flake wrapper?

The NOT FOR text on the Flake wrapper is probably NOT FOR RESALE AS A SINGLE UNIT as is usually printed on multi-pack items.

The original Yorkshire Post article which you mention and which has now changed is here from the web cache :

I've posted the entire article since it bears little resemblance to the live article now at that url.


From the web cache:

‘Cadbury’s Flake killer’: How Thomas Mair ‘plotted murder of MP Jo Cox’

Published 12:22 Friday 18 November 2016

AN alleged far-right extremist may have calmly eaten a Cadbury’s Flake before carrying out the brutal murder of Yorkshire MP Jo Cox, a court heard today.

The wrapper was found in a rubbish bin opposite a library where it is alleged Thomas Mair, 53, carried out the politically-motivated “pre-meditated” murder in Birstall, West Yorkshire on June 16.

Mrs Cox, a 41 year-old mother-of-two, was shot three times, including twice in the head, and stabbed 15 times.

Mair shouted out “Britain first” and “keep Britain independent” as he attacked the pro-EU MP, and later told police he was a “political activist”, the Old Bailey heard.

In the days leading up to the attack he accessed extreme far-right material, including some about the Nazis, and white supremacists, on library computers, it is claimed.

Jurors heard evidence today from Christopher Weatherby, a senior crime scene investigator with West Yorkshire Police, who studied the scene of the killing in Market Street.

He took photographs and seized various items, including a Flake wrapper in a bin outside the Vape Lounge on the other side of the road from the library.

Richard Whittam QC, prosecuting, said: “On the afternoon of the 16th of June 2016, did you go to Market Street in Birstall and in the course of that, did you take a significant number of photographers and also seized various items of interest, or potential interest?”

He replied: “Yes, I did.”

The prosecutor continued: “I think it’s right that you then seized a number of exhibits - items of clothing, shoes, bags and the like from the scene.

“And in addition to that, you also obtained a number of swabs of blood for forensic and comparison purposes which were required.”

A total of 21 items were seized from the scene, including the flake wrapper, jurors heard.

Simon Russell Flint QC, defending, said: “You seized it from the bin, obviously identified as potentially of importance because it was thought that the suspect had been eating the chocolate from within the wrapper.

“You seized it and then handed over the exhibits to somebody else.”

The witness confirmed that he had.

The court also heard from ballistics expert Kerry Versfeld, who studied the gun and bullets in the days following the killing.

She confirmed the gun was in working order.

Giving evidence, she said: “I was asked to examine the firearm, and see if it was in working order.”

Asked if it was, she replied: “Yes, it was.”

All three of the casings which were recovered were.22 calibre cartridges, she added.

Ms Versfeld said: “I was able to conclusively determine that all three firearm cartridges were discharged from the rifle.”

Mair, of Birstall, West Yorkshire, denies murder, grievous bodily harm with intent, possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and possession of an offensive weapon - namely a dagger.

The trial continues.


The Flake is also mentioned in this Daily Mail article.

and the BiBiC :

On the street CCTV cameras, he looked like any another middle-aged shopper.

He stood around near the library on Market Street, eating a Cadbury's chocolate flake.

What is going on with this Cadbury's Flake story ?

Did a witness see Mair eating a Flake then put the wrapper in the bin ?

Is it one of the usual narrative jokes : Flake as in Flakey story or Fake story ?


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