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Lightbulb A República

Allegoric painting of the Brazilian republic..
The Portuguese Efígie da República is represented as a young woman wearing the phrygian cap, modeled after the Liberty of Eugène Delacroix' Liberty Leading the People.. As a national distinction, the Portuguese Republic is represented wearing green & red clothes..The Efígie da República was adopted as a Portuguese State official symbol after the 5 October 1910 revolution, when the Republic substituted the Monarchy in Portugal..

Asta Nielsen Born 11 September 1881..

The Abyss - 12 September 1910..

Robert had a miserable childhood, with few friends; he filled his time with reading.. He was bullied unmercifully at the schools he attended.. In 1840, he went to Eton College, where he did well in French, German, Classics, and Theology; however, he left in 1845 because of intense bullying.. The unhappy schooling shaped his pessimistic outlook on life and his negative views on democracy.. He decided that most people were cowardly and cruel, and that the mob would run roughshod over sensitive individuals..In December 1847 he went to Christ Church, Oxford, where he received an honorary fourth class in mathematics..In April 1850 he joined Lincoln's Inn but subsequently did not enjoy law..Cecil said of the Maori of New Zealand: "The natives seem when they have converted to make much better Christians than the white man".. A Maori chief offered Cecil 5 acres near Auckland, which he declined..He entered the House of Commons as a Conservative on 22 August 1853, as MP for Stamford in Lincolnshire..

Proclamation of the Portuguese Republic..

October 5, 1910 (Wednesday) - Teófilo Braga was named as the first President of Portugal by revolutionists who abolished the monarchy - Russia's PM, Pyotr Stolypin, flew as a passenger in an airplane at St. Petersburg.. Six days later, former American President Theodore Roosevelt would fly as an airplane passenger in St. Louis - Francisco I. Madero, who had challenged Porfirio Díaz in the Mexican presidential election earlier in the year, fled to San Antonio, Texas, where he then issued the Plan de San Luis Potosí, calling for revolution against the Diaz government..Charles H. Harris and Louis R. Sadler..Manuel was always an avid reader and, during his exile, dedicated himself to the study of literature, penning treatises on Medieval and Renaissance literature in Portugal..An incident surrounding his sudden death was mentioned in the autobiography of Harold Brust, a member of Scotland Yard Special Branch in charge of protecting public figures..Brust speaks of an incident which probably occurred in 1931 in which an intruder was discovered in the grounds of Fulwell Park who, when arrested, the Police confirmed as being a prominent member of a Portuguese republican terrorist group known as the Carbonária and who was subsequently deported to Lisbon..Dr Crippen killed Belle Elmore..Ran away with Miss le Neve..Right across the ocean blue..Followed by Inspector Dew..Ship's ahoy, naughty buoy!... either give me what I need or the switch will stay on until they turn the power off for lack of payment on the bill..Lord, place the steel in my spine and the love of the Virgin Mary in my ...

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