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Arrow The World of Strange Folk & Phenomena

Fortean Times issue 200..
Das Bizarre-Festival galt als eines der größten, wenn nicht als das größte, Alternative-Festivals in Deutschland..

Splash it all Ova - The German city of Cologne was bombed in 262 separate air raids..

Garbage - Trip My Wire ( Cologne, Butzweilerhof - Live "Bizarre Festival" 17-18. August 1996)

And Others Die Toten Hosen , WIZO , Rammstein , NOFX , New Model Army , Iggy Pop , Tocotronic , a Surge , Selig , Weezer , Mr. Ed Pumps the Gun..

A Germanic tribe known as the Eburones had originally inhabited the present-day Cologne Lowland.. But they were wiped out in a war of reprisal carried out by Julius Caesar..Agrippina the younger was born in AD 15 in Cologne.. She was the daughter of Germanicus and the wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius..In AD 68, the death of Emperor Nero caused a succession crisis in Rome..A power vacuum occurred on the now undefended Rhine border..In AD 321 Jews are documented in Cologne; when exactly the first area cannot be established any more, but the Cologne community claims to be the oldest north of the Alps..Colonia had to be temporarily abandoned in December 355 following a lengthy siege by the Franks..The last dated reconstruction is from 392/393, when Arbogast, the Magister Militum of the Western half of the Empire, in the name of the emperor Eugenius renewed an unspecified public building..RAF Butzweilerhof in 1957 it was the base for 5 Signals Wing, The Band of RAF Germany and 420 Recovery & Salvage Squadron..Cologne was one of the most heavily bombed cities in Germany during World War II, the Royal Air Force (RAF) dropping 34,711 long tons of bombs on the city..

Surgeons Generals Warning - Politicains can seriously damage your brian and Alth..Its a pity they don't put warning labels (with a Dead Corpse) on bombs and petroll pumps !..Perhaps Radioactive Waste, Serpentine Asbestos, Chemtrails, Petrol Particles, Pesticides etc etc do not damage your Organs for Elite Donation..Who wants to live forever . . .?..Lady: (looking into her wristwatch) I've got one that can see!..
Fuller was the only foreigner present at Nazi Germany’s first armed manoeuvres in 1935.. Fuller frequently praised Adolf Hitler in his speeches and articles, once describing him as "that realistic idealist who has awakened the common sense of the British people by setting out to create a new Germany".. On April 20, 1939 Fuller was an honoured guest at Hitler's 50th birthday parade, watching as "for 3 hours a completely mechanised and motorised army roared past the Führer." Afterwards Hitler asked, "I hope you were pleased with your children?" Fuller replied, "Your Excellency, they have grown up so quickly that I no longer recognise them"..

The members of this Elite are either direct incarnations of the fourth-dimensional Prison Warders or have their minds controlled by them..Official history has been tampered with in the most extraordinary way, so that we continue to see the world in the child-like simplicity of good and evil, heroes and villains.. The world is rarely like that.. Therefore the need to create opposing "sides" and encourage conflict becomes essential..Today, the stranglehold of the controlling negative forces upon Earth is extremely advanced and is choking the very life from our planet..The effects of this are evident everywhere in the form of fear, separation, war, disease and multifarious kinds of disharmony on all levels..How much did Jim Morrison know? ..No one here gets Out alive ! believe in a long prolonged derangement of the senses to attain the unknown..Although I live in the subconscious, our pale reason hides the infinite from us..What's wrong with being a sarge mammal?..

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