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Durward Street (formerly Buck's Row) in the 1960s.. practically unchanged from 1888..
Buck's Row, now called Durward Street, was the scene of what is generally accepted as the first murder committed by Jack the Ripper.. Buck's Row is a small thoroughfare leading in an East to West direction in the Eastern section of Whitechapel, not far South from Bethnal Green..After 1888, Essex Wharf was designated 43 Durward Street and became home to a variety of businesses, from cap manufacturers to builders and its last owners were S. Rosenberger Coates & Co., makers of men's ties (until the early 1980s).. After it was abandoned, the building fell into disrepair before being demolished in 1990...

Mary Ann Nichols was discovered murdered on the pavement outside the wall in the middle of the photo...Taken: Wednesday, June 23, 1999..Photograph courtesy of Johnno..

Dr. Llewellyn, of Whitechapel-road, whose surgery is not above 300 yards from the spot where the woman lay, was aroused, and, at the solicitation of a constable, dressed and went at once to the scene..He inspected the body at the place where it was found and pronounced the woman dead..Llewellyn expressed surprise at the small amount of blood at the crime scene, "about enough to fill two large wine glasses, or half a pint at the most..She was dead but still warm..He does not believe that the woman was seized from behind and her throat cut, but thinks that a hand was held across her mouth and the knife then used, possibly by a left-handed man, as the bruising on the face of the deceased is such as would result from the mouth being covered with the right hand.. He made a second examination of the body in the mortuary, and on that based his conclusion, but will make no actual post mortem until he recieves the Coroner's orders...

The Deer Hunter (1978) - Trailer ..

The Black Dahlia - Officers Frank Perkins and Will Fitzgerald were the first upon the crime scene.. What they saw both shocked and appalled them.. The body had been severely mutilated and in fact, cut in half.. The dead woman had been posed with her arms above her head and her face and breasts had been slashed.. Rope burns marked her ankles and her legs were spread-eagle with the letters "BD" carved into one thigh..The officers surmised that due to the lack of blood both on the body and around the scene, the woman was killed elsewhere and her body dumped in the lot sometime during the night or early morning..By the time the officers phoned for assistance, a gaggle of reporters and photographers had swarmed the scene, infuriating investigators..Specifically, it is thought that a dollar is called a “buck” thanks to deer..At this time, a buck skin was a common medium of exchange... you do?..I don't know what you do!..You leave at 5, you're home at 10, se7en days a week!..I live with a ghost!..I don't know anything about you!..You've been digging, Luke...

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