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Lightbulb 44 Stafford Court

Alma Cogan, Tel Aviv, 1963..
She was born on 19 May 1932 in Whitechapel, London, of Russian-Romanian Jewish descent.. Her father's family, the Kogins, arrived in Britain from Russia, while her mother's family were refugees from Romania.. Cogan's parents, Mark and Fay Cohen, had another daughter, the actress Sandra Caron, and one son Ivor Cogan .. Mark's work as a haberdasher entailed frequent moves.. One of Cogan's early homes was over his shop in Worthing, Sussex..Although Jewish, she attended St Joseph's Convent School in Reading..At 14, she was recommended by Vera Lynn for a variety show at the Grand Theatre in Brighton...

Alma Cogan - Sugartime ..

A teen-aged John Lennon used to mimic her savagely during his time at the Liverpool College of Art; Lennon's wife Cynthia recalled, "John and I had thought of Alma [as] out of date and unhip".. But after Lennon actually met Cogan on the TV pop show Ready Steady Go in 1964, they became close friends, so much so that Cogan's sister Sandra later claimed that the pair had a serious romance that had to be kept secret because of Alma's family's strict Jewish faith..When Alma died from ovarian cancer, aged only 34, John was inconsolable"..Cogan was close to the other Beatles as well, especially Paul McCartney, who first played the melody of "Yesterday" on Cogan's piano; he also played tambourine on her recording of "I Knew Right Away"..

Julian Lennon - Saltwater..

Cogan lived with her widowed mother in Kensington High Street (at 44 Stafford Court) in a lavishly decorated ground-floor flat, which became a legendary party venue.. Regular visitors included Princess Margaret, Noël Coward, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Michael Caine, Frankie Vaughan, Bruce Forsyth, Roger Moore and a host of other celebrities..In deference to family custom, her death was observed with traditional Hebraic rites, with burial at Bushey Jewish Cemetery in Hertfordshire..Alma is an English feminine given name, but has historically been used in the masculine form as well, sometimes in the form Almo..Also, the Arabic word for "the water" and "on the water" are el-ma and al-ma, respectively.. It may also be of Greek derivation, where the word alamo means "salt water"..Radox Vapour Therapy - Herbal Bath Salts with Eucalyptus..It was introduced with minimal usage during the Italian Renaissance, as the likely result of a character by Edmund Spenser in his poem "The Faerie Queene"..A blue plaque commemorating Cogan was installed by the entrance of her longtime residence, 44 Stafford Court, on 4 November 2001.. don't think you're a long term player for me to be perfectly honest, that's my only reason..I think you've been excellent, very professional..As experienced as I am, I've got to listen to what other people are saying to me, and there's too many vibes COming through and I've taken nothing but criticism in the whole time that I've been here...

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