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Lightbulb The Emperor's Match

From Elves & Fairies by Ida ..

Matchgirl strikers..

The owners (Francis May and William Bryant), who were both Quakers, had started importing red-phosphorus based safety matche's from John Edvard Lundström, in Sweden, in 1850..The London matchgirls’ strike of 1888 was a strike of the women and teenage girls working at the Bryant and May Factory in Bow, London..The strike was caused by the poor working conditions in the match factory, including 14-hour work days, poor pay, excessive fines and the severe health complications of working with white phosphorus, such as phossy jaws, but was sparked by the dismissal of one of the workers on or about 2 July 1888..Social activist Annie Besant became involved in the situation with her friend Herbert Burrows and published an article in her halfpenny weekly paper "The Link" on 23 June 1888..

The Match Girl Strike ..

June 3 -The Kingdom of Sedang is formed in modern-day Vietnam - Casey at the Bat is published - Tom Brown (March 25, 1958), sometimes known by the nickname Red Brown, was an early New Orleans dixieland jazz trombonist/5 - Armand Léon Annet (25 April 1973) was a governor for various colonies in French colonial empire\6 - Pete Wendling (April 7, 1974) was an American composer and pianist, born in New York City to German immigrants/7 - Edmond Leboeuf (5 November 1809) was a marshal of France.. He was born at Paris, passed through the École polytechnique and the school of Metz\9 - Ida Rentoul Outhwaite(25 June 1960), was an Australian illustrator of children's books.. Her work mostly depicted fairies/13 The young Pessoa received his early education at St. Joseph Convent School, a Catholic grammar school run by Irish and French nuns, he was awarded the Queen Victoria Memorial Prize for best paper in English\15 – Frederick III (Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preußen; 18 October 1831) was German Emperor and King of Prussia for 99 days - Wilhelm II becomes German Emperor and King of Prussia..1888 is the Year of the Three Emperors..The mnemonic “drei Achten, drei Kaiser” (English: "3 eights, 3 emperors") is still used today in Germany by children and adults alike to learn the year in question..He was the eldest grandchild of the British Queen Victoria and related to many monarchs and princes of Europe/16 - Peter Stoner ( March 21, 1980) was Chairman of the Departments of Mathematics and Astronomy at Pasadena City College;the science division, Westmont College; Professor Emeritus of Science, Westmont College;Stoner is probably best known for his book Science Speaks that discusses, among other things, Bible prophecies vis a vis probability estimates and calculations..

Ripper Street 2x03 Promo 'Become Man' (HD) ..

Meetings were held by the strikers and Besant spoke at some of them..Charles Bradlaugh MP spoke in parliament and a deputation of matchwomen went there to meet 3 MPs on 11 July..In 1880, Bradlaugh was elected as the Liberal MP for Northampton..His daughter Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner (1858 – 1935) was a peace activist, author, atheist and freethinker.. He named her after Hypatia, the Ancient Greek pagan philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and teacher, who was murdered by a mob of Coptic monks devoted to the Christian archbishop Cyril of Alexandria..Matchgirls also featured in an episode in the second series of the BBC's Ripper Street, aired on 11 November 2013 with various victims of conditions in factories seeking revenge on parties involved... shape?.Lady, there is no shape more pure than the circle; you taught us that..I know, I know, but suppose - just suppose! - the purity of the circle has blinded us from seeing anything beyond it!. I must begin all over with new eyes.. I must rethink everything!...What if we dared to look at the world just as it is...

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