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Lightbulb Temple Mount

Left temporal lobe..
The Temple Mount riots, or the Al Aqsa Massacre, also known as Black Monday, was an event that took place in Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem at 10:30 am on Moonday, 8 October 1990 before Zuhr prayer during the third year of the First Intifada.. They began after a decision by the Temple Mount Faithful to lay a cornerstone at the site, and Arab rioting against Jewish worshippers.. The riots resulted in the death of over twenty Palestinians, with more than 150 people injured, including Palestinian civilians and worshippers.. It was condemned by UN Security Council resolutions 672 and 673..

Jerusalem October 8th ..

Tensions around the Temple Mount began much earlier than the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.. It has great religious significance for both Judaism and Islam.. In Judaism, the temple mount is the site of the first and second temples, the first built by King Solomon and the second by Jews returning from Babylonian exile, both extensively written of in the Old Testament..In this instance, there was tension between Palestinian worshipers and a religious extremist group known as the Temple Mount Faithful, who proposed to rebuild Solomon's Temple where the Al-Aqsa mosque now stands...

Pink Floyd - The Division Bell - Poles Apart ..

Sunni and Shia Islam are the 2 major denominations of Islam..

Protestantism is a form of Christian faith and practice which originated with the Protestant Reformation, a movement against what its followers considered to be errors in the Roman Catholic Church (from Greek, katholikismos, "universal doctrine") is a term which in its broadest sense refers to the beliefs and practices of Christian denominations that describe themselves as Catholic..

The Democratic-Republican Party was the American political party of Thomas Jefferson & James Madison formed in opposition to the centralizing policies of the Federalist party..The Conservatives have opened up a 16-point lead over Labour, a new poll from ICM shows..The medial temporal lobes include the hippocampi, which are essential for memory storage... - the scared spells which protect the soul in its journey to the underworld have been chipped off the coffin..Even if I believed in the curse, I'd go on with my work for the MUseum...

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