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Arrow War Games

F Bty Cypher..
F (Sphinx) Parachute Battery Royal Horse Artillery (RHA)is a close support battery of 7th Parachute Regiment RHA, part of the RHA of the British Army, currently based in Merville Barracks in Colchester..The Battery was raised in India in 1800 as an experimental Brigade of Horse Artillery.. They were immediately sent to Egypt to join the force that was operating against Napoleon’s Army.. The Troop sailed to the Red Sea coast where they marched across the desert.. This took a heavy toll on the troops and particularly on their horses and by the time they reached the Nile the guns were being towed by camels..The Troop sailed up the Nile to Giza, home of the Sphinx, where they were encamped on the Isle of Roda..By the time they were ordered to march to Rosetta the French had given up Alexandria so the Troop never had the glory of facing Napoleon's Army in the field..On leaving Egypt the Troop returned to India where they were garrisoned at Dum Dum, Calcutta.. In 1926 the honour title Sphinx was awarded to the Battery for services in the 1801 campaign against the French in Egypt..In 1842 the Troop, then known as 1st Troop, 1st Brigade Bengal Horse Artillery was involved in the famous retreat from Kabul during the First Afghan Campaign.. The Troop was part of a force of 4,500 men and 12,000 civilians who left Kabul in January 1842 and were massacred by Afghan tribesmen..The Battery was based at Dum Dum, for most of the 19th century where it was involved in numerous conflicts and uprisings including the Mahratta War, the Gurkha War and the Burma War..The most renowned campaign the Battery fought during its time in India was during the Indian Mutiny in 1857 where it was involved in the Relief of Lucknow..The Residency at Lucknow had been besieged by Indian Troops for nearly six months before a British relief force, including the Battery, arrived..During the fighting Gunner and Rough Rider Edward Jennings received the Victoria Cross for his actions..Jennings' VC is now owned by the Battery and his exploits are remembered by the crimson stripes of the VC ribbon that now adorn the Battery stable belt..

Ben Parkinson, of Doncaster, South Yorkshire..

Now named F Battery RHA, the Battery was heavily involved in the fighting on the Western Front during World War I seeing action in Ypres, Loos, the Somme, Arras and Cambrai amongst others as well as in Italy..Between the wars, the Battery spent several years based at St John's Wood performing ceremonial duties..At the outbreak of World War II, the Battery moved to Cairo where it became part of 4th RHA..The Battery was part of Montgomery’s famous 7th Armoured Division (The Deshret Rats)..In 1961 the Battery became part of 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery and moved from Germany to Aldershot..The Battery was then despatched for 4 Operation Banner tours in Northern Ireland, the final of these being a full Battery deployment to South Armagh as part of 1 Royal Scots BG...In 1999 the Battery along with the rest of the Regiment became part of the newly formed 16 Air Assault Brigade..In 2003 the Battery accompanied the Regiment to Iraq where the Regiment fired all 18 guns in the first shots fired by any coalition troops in the ground campaign...2006 saw members of the Battery deploy on the first of 3 tours to Helmand Province, Afghanistan.. On June 11, 2006 Captain Jim Philippson RHA became the first British soldier to be killed in Helmand as a result of enemy action..Later in the tour Lance Bombardier (LBdr) Ben Parkinson was seriously injured when the vehicle he was travelling in hit a landmine.. LBdr Parkinson has since received considerable press attention as one of the most seriously injured soldiers to survive the conflict..Their most recent deployment saw the Battery's gun group deployed to Artillery Hill where they carried out mentoring and training with the Afghan National Army using Russian D30 guns..Doncaster is twinned with: Herten, Germany - Avion, France..The Benben stone (also known as a pyramidion) is the top stone of the Egyptian pyramid..

JC - Hurt ..September 12, 2003...

Ben was in the first British vehicle across the border in the Iraq war in 2003.. He fought the Battle of Rommalia Bridge on his 19th birthday..Still determined on a lifelong career, with 7 Para RHA, he served a 7 month Winter tour in Kosovo aged 20, before volunteering to deploy to Afghanistan with G Battery Gun group in 2003 -The UN lifts sanctions against Libya - In Fallujah, U.S. forces mistakenly shoot and kill 8 Iraqi police officers -Johnny Cash was born on February 26, 1932, in Kingsland, Arkansas, one of se7en children born to Ray Cash ..He was mostly of Scottish and English ancestry, and as an adult traced his surname to 11th-century Fife, Scotland, after meeting with the then-laird of Falkland, Fife, Major Michael Crichton-Stuart..2006 - On 12th September, 2 weeks before the end of his tour, Ben was the rear gunner in a WIMIK Land Rover when the rear axle detonated a huge anti-tank mine..Ben took the full force of the blast..We learnt that he had won a regimental 'Blind Date contest in Iraq, the prize being dinner with a page 3 girl.. When the girl gave him a signed photo and wrote 'you were the best' - Ben responded by writing 'I've had better'. Mostly what we learnt was the love, respect and utter commitment that Ben inspired from within his regiment - The Big Unit was going to leave a massive hole in 7 Para and the boys did not intend to let go..The 7th Armoured Brigade was an armoured brigade formation of the British Army.,The brigade is also known as the 'Desert Rats' - "Ben" is a song written by Don Black and composed by Walter Scharf for the 1972 film of the same name (the sequel to the 71 killer rat film Willard)..The book is set as a series of journal entries, where the unnamed narrator goes back and forth between his life with the rats and his work, in a low-level job at a company that his father used to own..Eventually, the police destroy the rat colony with flame throwers, but Ben survives and way back to Danny..Benben is also related to the Obelisk..

Ben On Remembrance Sunday ..

September 1 - It was during his stay in London that Faludy wrote his memoir, which was soon translated to English, by which he is still best known outside Hungary: My Happy Days in Hell/2 – RAF Nimrod crash in Afghanistan: 14 personnel are killed in Britain's worst single military loss since the Flaklands war - Bob Mathias is a medikal doktor, serving on Moonbase Alpha at the time of "Breakaway" - At 17, Bob Mathias (November 17, 1930) was the youngest gold medalist to win a track and field event\4 - Irwin was on location at Batt Reef, near Port Douglas, Queensland, taking part in the production of the documentary series Ocean's Deadliest..Irwin's death is believed to be the only fetality from a stingray ever captured on video; the stingray's barb pierced his , causing him to bleed to death - Facchetti began his career with his hometown club, Trevigliese, as a forward, due to his pace, phowerful shot, and technique/6 - Hisahito was the first male child born to the Imperial House of Japan since his father in 1965..His personal name Hisahito in this case means "serene and virtuous", according to the Imperial Household Agency..An alternative translation is "virtuous, calm, everlasting".. His name was chosen by his father, and the Akishino family crest used to mark his belongings is koyamaki (Japanese umbrella-pine) tree - New Moon" 2nd book "Twilight Saga" is published by Little Brown\7 - "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America/9 - Irwin was buried in a private ceremony at Australia Zoo – Helen Mirren awarded best actress at the Venice Film Festival for her role in The Queen, portraying Elizabeth II following the death of Diana,Princess of Wales\10 -Maria Sharapova beats Justine Henin-Hardenne - Tufahau Tupou IV (4 July 1918), son of Queen Slote Tupou III and her consort Prince Viliami Tung? Mailefihi, was the king of Tonga - Roger Federer beats Andy Roddick/11 - Fest was born in the Karlshorst locality of Berlin, Germany\12 - California passed a new emissions control bill - An attack on the US embassy in Damascus, Syria was stopped by Syrian security forces..Attackers tried to drive 2 car bombs into the buildings..1 car bomb went off near the embassy/ 13 – Dawson College shooting in Montreal: One killed, 19 injured\14 - Miklós "Mickey" Hargitay (January 6, 1926) was a Hungarian-American actor and Mr. Universe 1955/15 - Fallaci was born in Florence, Italy, on 29 June 1929..Her father Edoardo Fallaci, a cabinet/commodus maker in Florence\19 – PM Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand declares a state of emergency in Bangkok as members of the Royal Thai Army stage a coup d'état/20 – TV presenter Richard Hammond suffers a serious brain injury when he crashes a jet-powered car whilst filming for Top Gear\22 - A German maglev train crashes, killing 23 - The F-14 Tomcat retires - Hezbollah claims "Divine Victory"/23 - Sir Malcolm Henry Arnold, CBE (21 October 1921) was an English composer\24 - 36th Ryder Cup/25 – Copmanthorpe rail crash: One man dies when the 14:25 from Plymouth to Edinburgh operated by Virgin Trains hits a car at about 20:55.\26 - John Byron Nelson, Jr. (February 4, 1912) was an American professional golfer - Toguri (July 4, 1916) called herself "Orphan Ann," but she quickly became identified with the name "Tokyo " was an American who participated in English-language propaganda broadcast transmitted by Radio Tokyo to Allied soldiers in the South Pacific during World War II on The Zero Hour radio show..She was subsequently charged by the US Attorney's Office with 8 counts of treason - The Departed premieres /29 – Gol Transportes Aéreos Flight 1907 (Boeing 737-800) collides with a business jet over the Amazon rainforest, killing all 155 on board\30 - Republic of Serbia adopted the Constitutional Act..He'll Krak..Perhaps..One tiny piece at a time..I don want a man of fragments!.. knew they were buzzy little bees..And one night he sat down with one of them and he looked at her and he said, Father..I would have butcher the whole world..Oh, Commodus..You go too far...

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