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Arrow The Apprentice Commode

Seve eagles 13!.
John Gloag notes that Commode expanded to describe any piece of furniture with a serpentine front, such as a dressing table, or even a chair seattine front, such as a dressing table, or even a chair seat..A serpentine shape is any of certain curved shapes of an object or design, which are suggestive of the shape of a snake..The London parks Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens contain 'The Serpentine', a lake that spans both parks..The UK's Holocaust Memorial is situated at the eastern end of the Serpentine, immediately beyond the dam..

Hyde Park by Camille Pissarro, 1890, showing the footpath along the southern bank of the Serpentine..

Why would a terrorist group appear to revel in the name ‘The Toilette’?..Putting is the most precise aspect of the game of golf..Fritz was also a name given to German troops by the British and others in the First and Second World Wars, equivalent to Tommy, as the British troops were called by German and other troops..Commodus (Latin: Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus; 31 August 161 AD – 31 December 192 AD) was Roman Emperor from 180 to 192..He also ruled as co-emperor with his father Marcus Aurelius from 177 until his father's death in 180..Traditionally, born in the purple was a category of members of royal families born during the reign of their parent.."Purple Reign" is a song by Prince and The Revolution... kind have one way..We have an other..Their end is final..Ours is not..In the earth, it rotted wood..In the eternal darkness, we will see and hear and feel..We holy smoke the Lamentations...

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