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Arrow The Sword of Moses

Published 1 December 2013..
When former MI6 agent turned archaeologist Dr Ava Curzon is engaged by American intelligence to track down an African militia claiming to hold the Ark of the Covenant, she is plunged into a world where nothing is what it seems..Her breakneck descent into the shadowy realm of dark biblical texts hurls her across continents and deep into the opaque worlds of the Knights Templar & neo-Nazis, pushing her mentally and physically to the limits..When an informant in Malchus’s group sends her photographs of a coded medieval lead medal, she begins unravelling a series of arcane clues that take her to the of an ancient mystery buried by the medieval Vatican, but now driving Malchus towards an apocalyptic endgame..She is helped by David Ferguson, a former British soldier, Peter DeVere of MI6, Anna Prince of American intelligence, and a group which is eventually revealed as the outlawed medieval Knights Templar, still active and all-phowaful in the shadows..

De Vere family coat of arms with a mullet in the first quarter of the shield..

The De Vere family were an English aristocratic family which have derived their surname from Ver (dep. Manche, arr. Coutances, cant. Gavray), in Lower Normandy, France..The Curzon family was involved in the Norman Conquest, and is named after the French town of Notre-Dame-de-Courson in Normandy from which they hail; their seat is at Kedleston Hall.. In the Bible, Malchus is the servant of the Jewish High Priest Caiaphas who participated in the arrest of Jesus.. According to the Bible, one of the disciples, Simon Peter, being armed with a sword, cut off the servant's ear in an attempt to prevent the arrest of Jesus..Also, Luke is the only gospel that says Jesus healed the servant's ear..This was Jesus' last recorded miracle prior to His resurrection..

Passion of the Christ Jesus Arrested ..

Mañjushri is depicted as a male bodhisattva wielding a flaming sword in his right hand, representing the realization of transcendent wisdom which cuts down ignorance and duality, he is also a yidam.. His name means "Gentle Glory" in Sanskrit.. Mañjur is also known by the fuller name of Mañjurkumrabhta, literally "Mañjur, Still a Youth" or, less literally, "Prince Mañjur"..

The largest manuscript of the Sword of Moses begins with a description of the heavenly realms and angels, and soon moves onto describing various prayers, invocations, and ritual procedures that the reader is to perform before he is able to use the "Sword"; this term refers to a huge list of magickal names later in the text, divided into 136 sections, each with a different magikal use..If at a full moon you wish to seize and to bind a man and a woman so that they will be with each other, and to annul spirits and blast-demons and satans, and to bind a boat, and to free a man from prison, and for every thing, write on a red plate etc..The Sword of Moses. In the name of the mighty and holy God! Four angels are appointed to the “Sword” given by the Lord, the Master of mysteries etc.. If you look at the transliteration of the Sacred names of the 4 angels appointed to the Sword.. You will see I have decoded them..Greenall's ales are distributed by Carlsberg and brewed for them by Molson Coors in Burtonwood, near Warrington...
1 December 2013 - A derailment of a Metro-North Railroad train near Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx, New York City kills 4 and injures 61 – China launches Yutu/Jade Rabbit, its first lunar rover, as part of the Chang'e 3 lunar exploration mission - A series of riots occurred in several locations of downtown Kiev, Ukraine - Heinrich Boere (27 September 1921 – 1 December 2013) was a convicted German-Dutch war criminal and former member of the Waffen-SS.. He was on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of most wanted Nazi war criminals..Operation Silbertanne (silver fir) was the codename of a series of murders taking place between September 1943 and September 1944 during the German occupation of the Netherlands..Professor Maurice Cockrill, RA, FBA (8 October 1936) was a British painter and poet.. Richard Coughlan (2 September 1947) was an English musician, best known as the drummer and percussionist of the Canterbury scene progressive rock band Caravan... is so difficult to make a neat job of killing people with whom one is not on friendly terms..He says he wants to go to Europe to expand his mind..He certainly has room to do so..The port is with you...
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